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19-years old boy from Norway who loves to compose music. Thank you so much for stopping by! :-)

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I love to compose music! I also love to make new acquaintances so don't hesitate contacting me. :)

Have a great day!


Oslo, Norge

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Hello there!

My name is Peder and I love to compose, create and play music. I try to upload 1-2 compositions per month - sometimes less, sometimes more. You can choose a maximum donation per month if you for instance never want to exceed  2 dollars per month.

Some examples of my original compositions

First off, I would like to congratulate Jack Conte on this magnificent and ingenious website designed to support independent content creators. This really gives the creators a unique and new way to continue doing what they love. Thank you, Jack Conte and everyone else who has worked on Patreon!

So, an introduction of myself would probably be a nice thing to include here. I am a 19-years old boy from Norway who pretty much loves everything related to the world of creativity - whether that being films, music, drawing etc. During my spare-time I particularly enjoy playing music - mainly trombone, singing and piano. I also play the trombone in the local marching band, something I love to do!

I have two different music channels on Youtube:

This is the channel where I upload content made by myself. This is most often original compositions and songs, but can also be short films or something similar. I really enjoy composing music and creating films, so this is a channel I spend a lot of time on. I offer some of my music for free on my Bandcamp-website:

Welcome to my channel of covers! On this channel I upload mainly piano/trombone-covers (sometimes other instruments as well - for instance flute or ocarina) of famous pieces that I like. I also upload covers where I sing.

I love to compose/create music and often dream of the possibility of making a living out of my passion. I signed up for Patreon because I love the idea, and wanted to give you the possibility to support me economically if you're interested. Patreon works like this:

1. You set an amount you're comfortable with paying me 
2. For every original composition I upload, you automatically pay me that amount at the end of the month (Keep in mind that you easily can set a limit per month when you sign up to become a Patreon, so that you can stick to your budget). You can also cancel any pledges before the end of each month, in case you want to quit or change the amount.

I am hoping to expand my music library and enhance the quality of my music so that would be one of the things you'd contribute to if you decided to become my patron. Please do not feel obligated to pay me anything. I am forever grateful for the people who like my music - you don't have to pay me. This is only in case you have the resources and want to support me with a dollar or two (or whatever you like).

If you're considering becoming a patron for me, then THANK YOU SO MUCH! That would be really appreciated. Uploading videos to Youtube is something I love to do and it's something I definitely will continue to do in the future. :-)

Thank you very much for your attention. 

Best wishes,

Peder B. Helland

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