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We interview people who have found a way to do what they love while making part or all of a living at it.

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Many listeners have asked for transcripts of our interviews so that they can read longer passages or have an alternative to listening to the interview. If we can reach $1,000 in our Patreon backing, I can afford the kind of high-quality, fast-turnaround transcription that I had done for the Kevin Kelly interview as a test. I also put about an hour into cleaning up the transcripts for posting, adding in links and photos.


I'm a journalist who has been writing for 20 years for magazines, newspapers, and Web sites. I'm the editor, publisher, and owner of The Magazine, a fortnightly feature periodical for curious people with a technical bent. I host the podcast The New Disruptors about new ways creative people have to fund, make, market, and distribute their work.


Seattle, WA, USA

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The New Disruptors is going on hiatus starting October 2014. Thank you for your support! We will charge the September pledges, and then discontinue charging and accepting new pledges. You all are fantastic!

I started The New Disruptors podcast in November 2012 to interview artists, producers, programmers, makers, and other creative people about how they turned their desires into part or all of a career. The people I interview strive for independence. They work with facilitators — some of whom I also interview — to fund, market, distribute, and, for physical goods, manufacture without acting as gatekeepers. It's practical inspirational: you walk away knowing more about the creator, but also more about what works.

The show is a 45-minute to 90-minute interview recorded in advance, mixed, and edited for clarity, and released every Thursday. I interview a new guest or guests in each episode. Episodes are released on SoundCloud, iTunes, and directly on our site, and can be streamed or downloaded. We use a Creative Commons license (BY-ND-NC 3.0), which lets anyone distribute or host any episode as long as they don't charge for it or modify it. (We're also part of Boing Boing's family of podcasts.)

I've interviewed over 60 people as of this writing, including:

  • Jonathan Coulton, a musician who launched through MP3 downloads in 2005, and is one of the best-known independent, geek-oriented rockers, who has his own cruise, is the musical co-host on a public radio show, and co-created a Kickstarter-funded comic book based on his songs.
  • Erica Moen, a cartoonist who creates Oh Joy Sex Toy and was a contestant on Penny Arcade's Strip Search reality web TV show, explains her development as an artist and how she launched her sex-toy review series.
  • Jack Conte, the guy behind Patreon. We talked YouTube fame and lack of fortune, and how to build a relationship with those who like your work.
  • Alli Dryer and Jenni Leder: Two user interface and experience designers with that most peculiar of things, jobs, explain how to keep one's creative juices flowing and remain independent in spirit while bringing home a paycheck. It's a good lesson in not having to go it alone to get what we want out of our creative lives.
  • Matt Conn wanted to organize a safe event for gaymers — that's people who game and are part of the LGBTQ continuum. The GaymerX event is meant to be inclusive of all people.
  • Yancey Strickler, one of the founders of Kickstarter on its past, present, and future, including how the approval process works
  • Roman Mars, the host of the remarkable 99% Invisible podcast, who talks about how the show has developed with crowdfunders' backing.
  • Amelia Greenhall, one of the founders of Double Union, a new community workshop in San Francisco designed for women intended to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment to make things. We talk about its purpose.
  • See our full episode list.
Producing the podcast mostly takes time: mine and that of an audio engineer who produces the show. We put 8 to 10 hours into each episode booking guests, preparing questions, conducting the interviews, editing, compiling show notes with links and other information, and posting and linking the audio and notes.

We're looking for funding to cover the cost of our audio engineer and carve out the time I need in my schedule to devote to the podcast, as well as have the equipment and funds to travel more to guests and record interviews where they work or at events. I recently recorded podcasts in Portland (Oregon), Brooklyn, and San Francisco, and am hoping to do more on-site talks events and talks in the future.

We've also set a $1,000 per month goal to provide professionally created transcripts of every episode, which gives greater access to more people and allows searching.

We do have sponsors that also help underwrite production, but sponsorship comes and goes. Patronage lets us provide a baseline to devote the time and keep our quality high, as well as pursuing more angles, such as books and conferences. With your help, I can keep the interviews coming, and expand.

Your pledge is per month, and you can change your level at any time. We welcome pledges at any amounts, starting at $1 per month.

At the $5 per month level, you help underwrite the program, and give you first crack at anything special: extra patron-only episodes, live event ticket sales, T-shirts, and much more.

At the $25 per month level, I will thank you at least once during your patronage. Maybe more than once! After a few months at this level, you'll get a T-shirt as a thank you.

At the $200 per month level, I will thank you as a supporting patron every episode. You'll also get a T-shirt for the first week (or first time) you pledge at this level! (It may take 2 to 4 weeks to fulfill the T-shirt.)

You can also sponsor an episode of the podcast by pledging at the $1,000 level (just back a single month and then cancel). Please contact us first to confirm that your sponsorship meets our underwriting guidelines.

If you'd like to support a year's worth of podcasts at one time and get a T-shirt, pledge $100 for one month, and then switch to a lower level or turn off your pledge.
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