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Making comics about cats, games, and artificially intelligent litter boxes.

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Every patron gets an ebook of the first NPC Comic collection! I'm laying out Book 1 of NPC right now, and it'll be out later this year.


Comic creator at Brooklyn animator. Gamer, cat-cuddler, plant-eater, cocktail-drinker.


Brooklyn, NY, USA

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***NOVEMBER SPECIAL!*** Celebrate the World of Warcraft 10 year anniversary! Become a patron at the $3 or above level during the month of November, and get "A Gnome and Her Raptor," a 70 page ebook of NPC Comics related to World of Warcraft! You'll receive the ipad-ready ebook at the beginning of December when payments have gone through. Offer ends Dec 1! Already a $3 patron? You'll get the ebook too!

I've been making and publishing Non-Player Character Comic since 2009. It's a 3x/week comic strip about a family of gamers: A woman, her boyfriend, their two blue cats, and an artificially intelligent litter box together play video and tabletop games.

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