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Freelance shmeelance. This goal will free me up to do 12 Octopus Pie pages per month. 3 every week!
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If we go this high, I will start posting Octopus Pie pages, 3 times a week, in FULL COLOR -- for the first time ever. Can you imagine? I can't... just yet.


Meredith Gran lives and work in Brooklyn as a freelance comic artist & occasional animator. She's been drawing the webcomic Octopus Pie since 2007. She teaches a weekly webcomics course at the School of Visual Arts. She also wrote and drew the Eisner-nominated Adventure Time comic book spin-off, Marceline & the Scream Queens.


Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Octopus Pie is a webcomic that, since 2007, has been supported by a dedicated, enthusiastic readership. The life of a freelancer, however, is not consistent pay-wise. Often I need to prioritize freelance work, mail-order sales, and convention travel over making comics.

If you become a patron, you will give me the breathing room I need to focus on the comic. I will be able to upgrade my ancient hardware and run my home office more efficiently. And I will be able to pay for health insurance, which... if you're an American, you know how this is.

If you become a Patron at a $2 level or higher, you will have access to postings from my sketchbook, process drawings of the comic, and a first look at pretty much everything I do. Octopus Pie, of course, will always be free to read - but your support means I can make it as good and as frequent as possible!
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