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WHAT THE HECK? 3 Shows a week.
$1,000 per month
If we can make it up to $1000 a month that will cover rent for Phil and I. It's not all of our bills, but it a great start. Naturally, once we've banned together Phil and I can expand the stream to 3 WHOLE DAYS A WEEK!
$1,500 per month
Can this even happen? Our former bosses told us that streams couldn't make money. Maybe they were right. But what we do know is that communities can support each other. That's what this is. This is proof that corporate media has it wrong. We shouldn't place our value on clicks and adviews, we should put our focus on supporting and serving people. At this level we can expand our efforts to four days of shows a week.
WE DID IT! 5 Shows a week
$2,000 per month
We finally made it back to what we have always wanted. At this level we can become full time streamers. We can keep building the community and serving you guys with all of our hearts. I'm not even sure that it's possible to get to this point but you better believe that we'll try. This is the ultimate test of the strength of community. We're so incredibly thankful and humbled that this is even a possibility. Let's make this happen.


We're streamers with a passion for the community. We want to make a place where everyone can come in, relax, and enjoy games.


San Francisco, CA, USA

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We firmly believe in the power of online communities. During our time managing one of the largest and oldest channels on we learned just how much people appreciate some time out of their day to slow down, hang out, and laugh. With your support we can ditch the need for advertisers and sponsors, and we can create something beautiful: An online community with no ulterior motives.

So join us in proving the strength of community.

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