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Milestone Goals
10 Milestone Goals
New Video Prank
$1,600 per month
I will do some kind of in person prank, probably using a hidden video camera.  I have no idea what this prank will be.  Maybe I'll videotape the hilarious aftermath of a prank call or maybe I'll just videotape myself beating up an old lady and stealing her purse.  Something will happen on camera, though.
2 Weeks of PLA Per Month
$2,000 per month
At $2,000/month, I will devote half of every month to PLA.  That's 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, 2 weeks per month.  I will ditch even more people that I work for in real life so that I have a full 2 weeks available to do PLA things.  I will spend those two weeks putting things together that will eventually entertain you, whether it be shows, music, videos, writing, or whatever.
Live Security Cam Prank
$2,300 per month
Remember the Kitchen Couple prank, where I pranked the phone number of some old people who had their home security camera open to the public?  Nicole K. is commanding me to do more of those.  So I will.  I've been wanting to get back into those, but a milestone goal will force me to do more, whether I want to or not.
Yet Another Episode of Telephone Falls
$2,600 per month
This guarantees a 3rd episode of Telephone Falls.  Unless I've already made a 3rd, in which case it will guarantee a 4th.  I think it's safe to say that if I can make it to this level, then you'll be seeing at least a few episodes per year.
3 Weeks of PLA Per Month
$3,000 per month
At $3,000/month, I will devote 3 weeks of every month to PLA. That's 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, 3 weeks per month. I will ditch even more people that I work for in real life so that I have a full 3 weeks available to do PLA things. I will install a time clock at PLA HQ and clock in each morning to ensure that I'm doing PLA things.  I will spend those three weeks putting things together that will eventually entertain you, whether it be shows, music, videos, writing, or whatever.
4 Weeks of PLA Per Month
$4,000 per month
By $4,000/month, I will officially be working for all of you.  I will have fired all of my real life clients in the most hilarious ways possible so that I can devote every waking moment of my life to the PLA.  I will be spending 8 hours a day trying to think of ways to entertain you people, whether it be with shows, music, videos, writing, or whatever.


Hi, I'm Brad.  I make comedy material in the form of podcasts, live radio shows, music and videos.


Albany, OR, USA

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For 20 years now, PLA has entertained weirdos like you with music, text files, articles, books, prank phone calls, albums, podcasts, live shows, videos, and just nonstop hilarity in general.  I've always made a little money from the PLA, through advertising and selling merchandise, which has helped pay for web hosting and other PLA-related expenses and has kept me motivated to keep doing more, but PLA has always been something I do in my spare time, outside of my full-time job and often at the expense of hanging out with real-life friends.  Please don't mistake that for complaining because I love creating things and I will always continue to do it, no matter what happens here.

But imagine how much more could be done if PLA were funded - if I had hours each week to create things and money to drop on related expenses.  There would be more live shows, more videos, more podcasts, more content on the website, more music, and if enough monthly money were earned through Patreon, I could even bring back Telephone Falls or make new shows or just create things that you people would enjoy.  You know me and you can probably imagine the kinds of things that would be likely to happen if money were involved or my personal time was less restricted.

You guys have been great about donating and we've already hit 4 milestones.  Patreon has forced me to buy a bunch of professional radio drops for Prank Call Nation shows and I've created a brand new prank call album.  Right now I'm in the process of finishing up a new telephone-themed song and I'm going to be having some high-quality vinyl stickers printed for The Snow Plow Show.  I've also been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff for Patreon supporters.  I've got some other new stickers already on the way and have been designing other weird things to throw in the monthly care packages.

The more people that support PLA through Patreon, the bigger and better PLA is going to become.  This will slowly go from being something I do in my spare time to something I'm putting hours every day into.  My goal isn't to make money at this - I plan to scale back on my paid employment as long as the Patreon money keeps coming in.  My goal is to just do a lot more with PLA than I've been able to do these past couple of decades.  I really have no idea which direction that will go in, but I'm 100% positive that it will be awesome for both me and you.

So donate the minimum.  As it is now, $1 per month is getting you 4 live shows a month and about 4 prank singles on the YouTube channel.  And maybe 1 original phone-related song per year and a half-assed attempt at an animated show.  $12 per year isn't too bad of a price for all that, right?

"Come on, PLA doesn't take up that much of your time, does it?"

Right now I do a weekly live show that usually lasts just under 2 hours. After the show is done, I edit the entire thing, shaving off as much boring stuff as I can for the podcast listeners and making show notes for as I go along. This usually takes another 2 hours. Then I turn the entire show into a YouTube video, which takes a little more editing, but not much. Throughout the week, I jot notes into a notebook, to use during the shows. And when I do actual show prep work, where I collect a bunch of phone numbers to call, that can sometimes take hours. In all, I'm sure I put at least 5 hours into a 2 hour show. And then there are the night shows I do every other week. I usually put a few hours of prep into those, and then there's the couple hours of editing again.

And that's just live shows. I make the smaller videos for the main YouTube channel, which can sometimes take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to put together, depending on how much effort I put into them. When I "quick draw" a video, that's hours. When I just slap a few images that I find on Google onto a prank call, that's more like 30 minutes. Some of those seemingly simple videos take a really long time to create.

Then there's email. I get a lot of it because of PLA and I try my best to answer them all. And the Facebook messages and the private messages, and snail mailing things to people. I feel like I'm complaining about all the time I sink into PLA, but I'm not. I love doing all of this stuff and I'm thrilled that people enjoy the things that I love to create. My point is that even having double the time I have now to do all of this would make a huge difference in the amount of effort I'm able to put into things and would allow me to do much more of it.

"Are you charging for content now?"

Nope, I am not charging for the live shows or the podcasts or really anything else that I've created.   Pretty much all the content on has always been free.  Patreon is simply a way for people who've enjoyed PLA things to contribute money to keep those things happening as frequently as possible.  Please don't feel obligated to pay anything.  If you can't afford it or if you think it's a dumb idea, then keep enjoying the stuff I make for free.  I'm just happy to have an audience.

"I don't want to sign up for this dumb Patreon thing."

I've set up a page at where you can donate in ways that Patreon doesn't support, such as with Bitcoin.  If you choose to donate that way, I will still honor the various donation level rewards that you see on Patreon.

"I'm broke.  How else can I help?"

There are many other ways that you can help PLA without spending any money at all.  I've made a list of things you can do to support PLA at  The best way you can help, though, is to spread the gospel of PLA.  Tell everyone you know about PLA and force them to listen to our material.

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Okay, this is where things start getting out of hand.  If you pay $10 per month, you'll be mailed some original PLA-themed swag every 2 or 3 months.  Swag may or may not include things like:

  • A PLA sticker.  Yes, that same sticker that you probably already have, but also NEW stickers that you haven't seen before and you don't already have.
  • A PLA button.  You know, a button, that you pin onto your clothing and then regret at the end of the day because you've put holes in your expensive clothing.  You'll receive 1 button per month and most buttons will be original designs that are not available on the PLA website. 
  • Miscellaneous papers, Ellerbucks, business cards, promotional materials, and other random things that I always throw in with PLA packages.
  • My fingerprints, all over these items, which you can use to commit fraud and/or to frame me for crimes.

Basically you'll receive an occasional package containing as much original PLA crap as I can come up with.  You will receive duplicates of things, but I will do my absolute best to ensure that you don't keep receiving the same stickers, buttons, pencils, whatever each time.  You will also receive all the items from the lesser reward packages, including....

  • You get access to our members-only feed on Patreon
  • You help to change the world
  • You get happiness and enlightenment
  • You will be mailed a physical ticket that grants you admission into Heaven
  • You still get my personal guarantee that you get into Heaven, even if you lose the ticket
  • You will have good karma

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