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animations are hard work . very time consuming and stressful . i need some peeps to help me animate so i can produce a content much faster . given this amount it can afford to pay for people who will get involved such as animators , writer , scene builder , voice actress/actor

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hi to all of you . this is your host pinoytoons . and welcome my page !!

you may have known me on newgrounds, hentai-foundry, youtube ,facebook, deviantart , twitter ,tumblr, and maybe on my blog .
i'm an indipendent flash animator from the philippines . and a good one too !!

i used to work for numerous cartoons :

kenny the shark
i got a rocket
class of the titans
dennis and gnasher
los campeones
george of the jungle
sumo mouse
riki sprocket
lucky fred
and the list goes on ....

the thing is, I left the mainstream media because i was'nt really feeling comfortable . the only thing that really motivated me to become an animator is because of "hentai". i was really fascinated with it and now it became my livelyhood .

from time to time i post all my work in these different websites to be viewed for free . i make artworks , flash animations ,mini games , comissions . and some of my own stuff as well .

and yes it was me....
it was me who published that almost viral bleach flash animation "futas for you" XD

as of now , i'm doing comissions as a source of income but i felt like my creativity is starting to die . it's not like i don't wanna work on comissions anymore but , i want to produce an original content which defines me as an artist/animator . it can be a flash game , a movie , a cartoon series , music video , or it could be anything . as long as it's related to what i do . and of course make every one happy .

however i would need an alternative source of income to cover the expenses for producing my own material -_-

good thing there is PATREON !!! this is your chance to help me out !!

( for those who's not familiar , you can click here )

I decided to make a patreon page to accept payments from those who are able to financially donate something that help my efforts on making flash animations and other stuffs . so if you are one of those people , then i suggest you become my patron right away cuz , will like what i can do . your support really counts  . my contents are still free but just need help financially .

i would like to produce as much content as i can and i'm doing this full time .

as of now , i am slowly working with my own project called "rogue courier" .
you can read more in this link HERE

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