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Milestone Goals
#POGOBAT breaks even!
$125 per episode
If we can raise $125 per episode #POGOBAT will no longer operate at a loss!
#POGOBAT hires a metadata professional!
$175 per episode
If we can raise $175 per episode I can hire someone to upload, write tags, write descriptions, and annotate each episode of #POGOBAT!
2X #POGOBAT Multiplier!
$250 per episode
If we can raise $250 per week the #POGOBAT team can be expanded to the point where we start making twice as many episodes!


Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Hey world! I'm Dan Brown and I love making videos. I've been uploading all sorts of stuff to the tubes since 2006 (notably teaching the masses how to solve a Rubik's Cube, giving the masses control of my life, musing about the state of sexual education in schools, etc.) and am currently focused on a weekly series called #POGOBATHere's a playlist!

#POGOBAT is, however, more than just a one man show. While I write and shoot on my own, having a full time TV gig means that keeping my passion afloat necessitates bringing on some outside help. At present I pay for graphic design work and editing out of pocket, and as a result #POGOBAT operates at a lossNot that I'm complaining! Having an international network of thousands of the smartest, most energetic people on the Internet is a more than worthwhile investment. It would be nice, however, to have a budget with which to expand our operations. This is where you come in!

If just five hundred Pogotribers pledge to tip $0.25 per episode #POGOBAT will no longer operate at a loss. If seven hundred Pogotribers tip $0.25 per episode I can hire someone to upload episodes and write metadata (episode tags, descriptions, and annotations), freeing me to write more, shoot more, and interact with the PogoTribe more.  If one thousand Pogotribers tip $0.25 per episode I will be able to produce an additional episode per week (at which point I would absolutely understand any decision to halve your per-episode tip amount :P), and anything beyond that could be put to use upgrading equipment, hiring writers, launching a PogoTribe forum, etc. etc.

I will think no less of you should you continue to watch #POGOBAT without giving so much as a penny-- I'm flattered as it is that you enjoy my content enough to dedicate a few minutes to it each week. If, however, you have it in your heart (and/or wallet) to give anything at all, #POGOBAT will be better for it.

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