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Milestone Goals
1 month of paper!
$5,000 per month
This is what we need to cover overhead of operating the studio and to start paying ourselves to make paper, build the wiki, and teach workshops. When we hit $5,000 per month we can both be employed full-time at the studio! When we reach this goal everyone will receive an animal print of their choice from our product line.
Beater upgrade!
$5,500 per month
We'll buy an Oracle beater designed by Lee McDonald. It will allow us to offer more types of paper and pulp, much more quickly. When we reach this goal we'll send everyone a card made from blue jeans that we'll pulp in our new beater! (This is a one-time goal.)


We like to get pulpy! Read all about us and our handmade papermaking studio over on our website


Portland, OR, USA

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Who Are We? 

Pulp & Deckle grew out of a desire to share the magic of papermaking with others. We're a husband and wife team operating a studio in Portland, OR. We teach classes, make custom paper goods, and generally geek out about paper.  Jenn first discovered handmade paper while attending grad school at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and began using the art form for her drawings. Since opening the studio in 2012 Gary has caught the paper bug too, and together we're dedicated to the creation, promotion and preservation of handmade paper. Since opening the studio we've kept our full-time day jobs while building our business. ***As of July 1, 2014 Jenn is now self employed and no longer has a day job- woot!*** When we learned about Patreon as a way to build in steady income we were really excited, as we have lots of goals we'd love to reach with your help. When you give at any level you are not only helping our business grow and allowing us to work towards being full-time papermakers, but you are also supporting a sustainable art form with an amazing history. 

What Do We Do?
Making paper by hand is a labor of love. While anyone can learn how to do it, much of the equipment needed to create specialty papers is either cost prohibitive, messy, and/or large. At Pulp & Deckle we provide studio access to artists, crafters, and art enthusiasts in order to carry on the papermaking tradition. Via both education and retail product sales we hope to increase awareness of how handmade paper is created and highlight its role as a sustainable craft. Our papers are made from materials such as 100% post-consumer waste papers (like shredded office paper), plants (like flax), and natural clothes fibers (like cotton). It's important to us that our business remains eco-friendly while focusing on the fine craft and traditions of both Western and Eastern styles of papermaking. In our workshops we teach others how to make their own one-of-a-kind papers that are unique to their maker.

What Do We Want To Do?
A project that we started to dream about and now want to make reality is to create a handmade paper wiki. While there are many wonderful resources in the forms of books, videos, art centers, organizations, and message boards where you can learn about handmade paper, there isn't a centralized source of information where fellow papermakers from around the globe can share their unique knowledge about paper. We want to make this place in the form of a wiki. Why a wiki? We feel this is the best way to unite the papermaking community to share info. in a democratic, accessible and organized fashion. How amazing would it be when you have a question about a type of plant that you want to use to make paper if you could look it up on the wiki and read all about if it will work for papermaking, how to make it work, etc.? We believe education is empowering and we want to build a place where people can learn and share. Your contributions will enable us to set aside the time we need to create the infrastructure of the wiki and launch it for contributors. 

What Will Your Support Do?
With your support we'll also be able to grow our product line and offer more cool eco-friendly papers! Since one of us still has a day job your support will bring us closer to both making paper full time. When we reach the milestone for purchasing a new beater we'll be able to make overbeaten fibers for artists, and will greatly reduce the amount of time and electricity needed to make paper pulp from old clothes and textiles. 

Thank you for helping us spread the power of pulp!

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