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thirty-year-old teen witch


Oakland, CA, USA

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my name's anna. i'm a game designer, writer, historian, speaker and artist. here are some things i've done:

the latter three free games were funded by this patreon page - without it, i wouldn't be able to work on projects like these. that's what you're funding if you support me on patreon: you'll be helping me pay my rent so i can create and post games like these, free for everyone to play.

patrons will get charged once (no more, no less) every month. every month i will create and post at least one new free game (sometimes i post more). if i don't post a game by the end of the month, patrons will get access to a sneak preview of whatever game i'm working on.

this money helps me keep a roof over my head and food in my gay cats' bowl. thanks for your support!
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