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We need 34 more people to join our Book Club to reach our goal! Your contributions will help us cover the cost of convention tables next year! If we can reach our Pledge Goal, everyone at the Book Club Level will receive a FREE copy of our newest anthology, KILLER QUEEN!

THIS GOAL HAS BEEN EXTENDED to March 1, 2015! Pledge our Book Club level and keep it active for at least 1 month--receive KILLER QUEEN as a holiday gift!


RED STYLO MEDIA (RSM) is an imprint and comics publisher, founded in 2008 by writer, Enrica Jang. We began with a successful Kickstarter campaign for Enrica's first series, AZTECA, and continue to produce and publish original comic series and graphic novels. In 2011 RSM launched a series of popular comics anthologies, starting with The Poe Twisted Anthology. A new theme is chosen each year and kicks off with an open call in January for writers and artists to contribute. The collections are published both digitally and in print in October each year. Over 100 artists and writers have been featured in Red Stylo anthologies, both aspiring and veteran artists alike, and the catalog also features an expanded digital library of titles and art.

In 2012, Red Stylo launched RED STYLO PRESS, a promotions and editing service, as well as a packaging and publishing cooperative for fellow independent publishers to gain exposure for new and ongoing series. As of 2014, the Press carries and promotes seven comics series, and is working in cooperation with The Inkwell Awards to package their annual donation and challenge books.

In 2013, Red Stylo joined with Odd Truth Inc., to establish WeWinCon began as a modest promotion and fundraiser to help artists impacted when Boston Comic Con was canceled due to the then-ongoing hunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. WeWinCon raised money for gas cards to give to artists to return to Boston for the re-scheduled show, as well as provided incentive for donors to give to Boston area charities and the American Red Cross. Since that first event, WeWinCon continues to raise funds to give to more organizations such as Wounded Warriors, Doctors Without Borders, and the Red Cross.


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Red Stylo Media has been around for four years, run by writer/editor Enrica Jang. In that time, our catalog has grown from one self-published comic to a full on catalog of original titles as well as an imprint (a.k.a Red Stylo Press) for fellow indie comics creators. As of 2014, Red Stylo has published over 100 different artists and writers!

What We're Doing
We make comics. And comic anthologies. And we promote indie creators. We want to expand our readership and get new artists in front of more eyeballs!

Every update, we'll bring patrons new comics and art from our roster of creative teams–always something new and different, whether from ongoing series or from our popular anthologies.  Please check out our website for our full list of comics titles.

Why Red Stylo Needs Patreon
As one of our writers Aaron Duran, said: "I don't create comics to make money. I need money to create comics." Hosting, keeping the webstore open, printing costs, promoting books at conventions…all these things cost money. The most cost-effective way to deliver our content to readers is through digital means. A set-it-and-forget-it "subscription" to Red Stylo here on Patreon is a way for us to share everything we have to offer with folks who are interested and want more. And if you like what you read, you come back and bring your friends.

But Patrons aren’t just funding Red Stylo. They are actually PAYING the writers and artists that make our comics world go ‘round. Creators get 75% of the profit (1 patron = 1 sale!) when we share their stories with you (80% if they are part of our Imprint!) The more we get, the more they get.

What Our Patrons Get
For just $2, patrons get a new PDF /CBR digital comic with each update, along with bio and info about the creators! Our goal is for a new update every two weeks. Patrons can set a monthly cap as low as $4 and not miss a thing! .

First up for delivery: our newest rock-and-roll themed anthology, KILLER QUEEN: A Comic Anthology inspired by the discography of Queen (which begins rolling out on Aug 27th!) Updates will also include chapters from our original graphic novels and entire comic issues from our ever-expanding Red Stylo Press imprint!

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