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At this level I can budget time, energy and funds to produce 8 episodes a month instead of 4. In the immediate future that means FARLOST can run into season 2 instead of being put on haitus until WALK THE FIRE's next anthology of stories is complete, 5-7 months from now.


I write and tell stories


Ontario, Canada

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I write science fiction and fantasy adventures. They've been downloaded well past a million times. Anyone can read or listen weekly at, but only your patronage gets you early access & allows me to continue releasing ongoing serial adventures.

HELP ME REACH $500 a month & TWO stories every week!

My current story FARLOST will go on hiatus for 5-7 months to make room for Series 2 of WALK THE FIRE.

If we reach $500 I can produce BOTH adventures at the same time.

Patronage starts at $1 a month (25¢ a week)

Each patron gets early access to the stories, is thanked in some or all story credits. Higher levels of support receive more free audiobooks, ebooks, trade paperbacks and more.

Every week at least one new instalment or standalone story is released. Story lengths vary from 5­-10 minutes of audio (800­-1500 words of text) to 30-­40 minutes (3,000-­4,500 words). 

If you love action-based science fiction in ebooks and audiobooks with strong characters and torturous cliffhangers, become a patron now and help me serve up more worlds!
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