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Ontario, Canada

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Who am I?
I'm John Mierau. I write serial adventures about near-future conspiracies (Enemy Lines), alternate history (Asunder), a shared universe where I play with other authors and narrators (Walk The Fire) & more. There's always a free story on ServingWorlds: right now it's the 60-part space opera serial Farlost. I tell stories that are smart and action-packed, featuring strong characters grounding edge-of-your-seat adventures.

Sample past serials:

My books are available from Kindle and Audible but start out as web serials you can read & hear for free. I've been serializing chapters and podcasting audio episodes since 2009.

In my newest serial, May The Ferrymen Take You, other authors & narrators collaborate with me on stories in my 'Walk The Fire' universe, where I function as editor and show-runner.

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