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Animator & writer of facetious things, producing weekly barely-animated videos on YouTube.


England, UK

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Hello, thanks for visiting and please watch the video above.

Since you're here you probably already know the kind of stuff I do. It's mostly the deadpan vlogs of Graham Murkett, but I also make the occasional cartoon in other styles, just to keep things interesting.

If you  enjoy any or all of these videos, and can afford it,  it would be really helpful  if a little bit of money came my way to allow me to spend more time making them.  Animation is necessarily quite a time-consuming process - even, believe it or not, the limited style of animation most of my videos employ - and I would like to put more time into cartoons that are visually more exciting.

In return for a minimum dollar a month subscription/donation/patronage fee, whatever you want to call it, you'll get to hear extended audio podcasts by Graham Murkett  (excerpt here).  These will go up as private Patrons-only links here, usually towards the end of the month, and usually about half an hour long.

Videos on Youtube will continue to go up weekly-ish depending on other work commitments, and will be as free to watch as they always have been.

Thanks for reading all that, and thanks for appreciating my work, and super super duper thanks if you do decide to become a patron.


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