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I am a freelance writer, editor, letterer, designer, and publisher from Columbus, OH. I love arcade games, vinyl records, horror comics, and petting dogs. My initials are RAD, so you know you can trust me.


Columbus, OH, USA

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For those of you who may not know me, I am your musty mistress of horror, Auntie Rachel Deering. I am a freelance writer, editor, letterer, designer, and publisher. I've worked for companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, DC/Vertigo, Archie, Dark Horse, IDW, Titan and many others. Being a freelancer can be a feast or famine situation. Sometimes I have more work than I can handle, and sometimes I can't dig up a paying gig to make my monthly car payment. It's a pretty adventurous life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world...except maybe a steady job as a staff editor. Ahem.

Being the industrious person I am, I've explored every avenue of supplementing my earnings so that I can continue to make my own comics! From offering up ad space in my books to running successful kickstarters, I've hawked my wares to heck and back. That brings me to Patreon!

This shindig was set up so that fans of me and my work can give a little something each month to help keep me away from a life of petty crime. Instead of going out and knocking old ladies over the head, or flashing my goods to truckers for spare change, I can sit in my office and make comics. It's a win for everybody. Except maybe the truckers. You can donate any amount of money you wish on a monthly basis, and you always have the option of increasing, decreasing, or canceling the donation amount. No strings attached, baby! Just the way I like it! Give 'til it hurts, because sometimes pain makes you feel good where your bathing suit covers. At least that's what I read in Cosmo.

For your generosity, I will provide you with a super secret look behind the scenes at all the awesome stuff I've got brewing. You will see scripts, you will see artwork way before anyone else, you will learn tips and tricks on writing, editing, lettering, running kickstarters, designing, publishing, and anything else I can teach you about comics. Oh yeah, and you'll get PDFs of full comics! Perhaps most exciting of all, you will be notified of when I am launching new crowdfunding campaigns so that you can snag those ultra exclusive high-tier rewards before anyone else! GET STOKED!

Get on board this rowdy choo-choo, and become a patron of the farts!
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