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Milestone Goals
3 Milestone Goals
Remove ads
$1,000 per live webcast
Hate the pre-roll, mid-roll and popup ads on the TMRO YouTube channel? Once we reach $1,000 each show we'll remove the Google Ads from our shows! That just leaves us with the calendar break (which is cool anyhow) and one Patreon ad per show!
Livestream Enterprise
$1,500 per live webcast
Wow, we're really trucking along at this level! Once we make it to $1,500 per episode we'll upgrade to Livestream Enterprise. This allows us to white label the player (brand it to TMRO) and if needed we can make some hidden, Patreon only events on our Livestream page (sneaky). Won't it be cool when we have a player that says 'TMRO' embedded on other websites when we do awesome launch coverage? We think so too!
Add a swag store
$2,500 per live webcast
Getting quality merchandise that we can sell (at cost, ideally) so you can show off the awesome TMRO logo is actually a bit hard. It takes time to develop the relationships, and rather than use Zazzle or CafePress (which are nice but not quite what we want) we will create our own store with one of a kind items. Shirts, tags, pins, buttons and other amazing space based things that you'll be able to buy. Featuring our inspiring logo of tomorrow.
More Shows
$5,000 per live webcast
Want more live shows? More SpacePods? More SPACE??? One of the huge constraints to creating content is time. Since both Cariann and I need a full time job to pay for the show, we don't have time to create a lot more content. Once we're able to replace some of our income with show funds, we can break away and start to produce TMRO shows full time!
Build a Studio
$10,000 per live webcast
Dream big or go home! I believe space and the cosmos are awesome enough that we could, one day, achieve this goal! When we do, a shiny new studio space capable of bringing in a live audience shall be designed and built.
Send you to space
$200,000 per live webcast
Once we reach $200,000 per episode, we'll start buying a ticket on Virgin Galactic to give away to a lucky viewer each month. Yup. We'll start spreading the cosmic love by giving everyone a chance to go to space!


Tomorrowland, Anaheim, CA 92802, USA

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Who is TMRO?
Formally known as Spacevidcast and back for our 7th year, TMRO (pronounced 'tomorrow') is a live, weekly show all about space and the cosmos. Join husband and wife team Benjamin & Cariann each week as we dive in to what it will take to get humans on to other worlds, who is making amazing things happen in space, and other fun random things that may or may not be space related.

We're not a small fly-by-night podcast but rather a small fly-by-rocket live show with a team of very dedicated people who want to get you excited about space! Checkout our kickass live control room that takes over our guest bedroom!

Why should you care?
Too young to see the moon landing happen live on TV? Yeah, us too! So is over 50% of the human population. It is time to change that! Lets get humanity excited about visiting other planets. Did you know that SpaceX wants to put a colony of humans on Mars in 10 to 20 years? If that is too far in the future, Virgin Galactic will take you to space where you can experience a lack of gravity and look back at our beautiful blue marble. Sound like fantasy? Test flights are nearly complete and they expect to take paying passengers this year!

There is so much more awesome happening in the cosmos. Join us live every Saturday at 21:00 UTC / 1:00 pm PST / 4:00 pm EST and help us continue to produce the show. Great video takes a lot of time and money. Your contributions will help us reach further, do more and get everyone excited about the amazing future humanity has.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a way for you to reward us for making great content that inspires humanity. On-video ads do make a little bit of money, but not very much. Instead of requiring us to rely on ads, become a Patron of TMRO for as little as $0.01 or as much as you would like. Each time we release a new video, you'll pay that amount as a way to support us. Worried that we'll release 10,000 shows in a month and bleed you dry? Set an upper cap so that even if we do release a lot of great new content, you're never spending more than you want! You're helping us create content you want to see while ensuring that you never spend more than you want to. We like to call that: winning!

TMRO is excited to use Patreon as a way to let us focus on creating fun live shows and content and not have to worry about payment processing, refunds, etc. We're excited to work with Patreon and look forward to hanging out with everyone! 

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