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I'm a Disney animation veteran, character designer, and webcomic maker.

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I've been working with my writing buddy, Stephen Fox, on another comic strip concept and we want to do it.  I need your help to financially push other work out of the way so I can draw this new strip.  That means: ONE "Outnumbered" a week and ONE of the "New Strip"- TWO comics a WEEK!


I'm a Disney animation veteran, illustrator, author and webcomic artist/writer.


Franklin, TN, USA

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I'm asking for YOUR support to help me in making my online webcomic "Outnumbered" but also so that I can make MUCH MORE creative stuff!  

What is TOM BANCROFT doing?

A really good question.  Here's the short answer: I'm asking for your financial support (no more than the price of a bottle of water or a coffee a month!) to help me get my weekly webcomic, "Outnumbered" colored, urled, and hosted every month!  But that's not all!  I'm going to make this THE PLACE to have access to me and custom artwork from me.  I have an animation podcast I do with my twin brother, called "The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast" on iTunes and  Support here, helps with that also!  Once we hit some of the milestones on the left side, I am ALSO GOING TO LAUNCH INTO OTHER CREATIVE ENDEAVORS THANKS TO YOU!

 What is this PATREON thing?  

It's crowd-funding at its best!  Much like Kickstarter, Patreon is a way to support a creative person who's work you love.  BUT unlike Kickstater, Patreon is not just to back/support ONE PROJECT, but many!  In a very real way, you are supporting the CREATOR, not just a project he/she produces.  I want to create MANY different things with the support you bring me every month.  The more support I get, the more I will pull away from other jobs and become the kind of independent artist I want to be!  In the end, I'd love to be able to be producing work directly for you instead of for publishers, studios, agents, and others to take their part and charge you more for it.  I believe this is where the creative arts are going and I'm excited to be doing it with you!  

What will I GET?

My goal is to give you as much "behind the scenes" and EXTRA art concepts as I can!   Depending on your giving tier, I will be giving you OUTNUMBERED (the rough pencils version!) a day or two early, a custom "sketch a week" created by request from one of the Patrons, t-shirts (I think I have this figured out to be able to pull off!), original artwork , webisodes, and Google Hangouts where I will LIVE DRAW.  Sounds good, Right?  

Here's a sample strip in its "rough pencils" form- EXCITING!:

I will be doing  "HOW TO" videos like this one on "How To DRAW MARK" (my OUTNUMBERED main character) : 

Here's some examples of the single character inked drawing I could do for you  at the $150 tier.  Exciting, right?  




Do I have to pay in US Dollars? NO - Pay in any currency! As this is US based website, everything is written in Dollars, but you can use any currency and it will be automatically converted. And PAYPAL is now accepted!
How many OUTNUMBERED strips do you create a month? Around 4 or 5, depending on the amount of weeks in that month.  I post every Monday on, but I will also put them here to view in the "ACTIVITY" section, which is where you will also see all the "PATREON Supporters only" content.
I don't have much money, can I still become a Patron? Yes, please only sign up to donate what you can easily afford. Even $1 per month will make a huge difference and would be greatly appreciated. 
Can I stop donating , increase, or decrease my donation? Yes of course! If you can't afford to donate in the future, or you want to move up or down to a higher or lower support tier, that's absolutely fine. You can just log in to change or cancel the account whenever you want.

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