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It takes about 6 hours to do one of these videos. At $90 per video I'll be happily making what is commonly considered to be a living wage for my time investment.


Music technology journalist, and enthusiast! 


Chicago, IL, USA

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Many of you know me from my videos on YouTube, but for over a year now I've mostly been working behind the scenes. I'm try to make a career out of discchord.com, so instead of spending time on videos I've been doing a lot of beta testing and consulting work. I want to do more videos again! But in order for me to take the time to make more videos, I need it to make sense financially.  If you like these Let's Play videos then please sponsor me on Patreon, to help make them happen!

All Patrons will have access to a Patrons Only page here on Patreon to suggest future apps to play with.

Please note that this campaign is only meant to fund "Let's Play" videos, and does not apply to any other content on my YouTube channel.
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