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I love the Orchestra, Dance, VFX, and You. Let's combine them.

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per Orchestra Dance video
per Orchestra Dance video
Milestone Goals
Costumes + Props
$400 per Orchestra Dance video
In my Mario Kart Rainbow Road video I needed turtle shells, stars, tiaras, and the costumes. In my Mike Tyson's Punch Out video I needed boxing gloves, boxing shorts, and even made a boxing ring. I paid for everything myself so you could get an idea of my vision, but for obvious reasons I couldn't do that every week. Bigger budgets would mean creating a video that actually LOOKS like the videogame, TV show, or movie. Props would also give the dancers more to work with while also allowing a better performance for you. Set design is important - whether it's the wood needed to build a dance set or the fabric in order to make a character's costume.
Visual Designer
$800 per Orchestra Dance video
Professional special effects in the video: imagine seeing MegaMan's bullets, animated music notes, or even Super Mario's Fireball, or  the problem with writing orchestra music is that I can't hire an orchestra. Filming live musicians performing to my work for you would be the obvious (and ultimate) video choice. It seems the next best thing is perhaps a cool and beautiful video every week until I get up to that milestone. There are a lot of options: kinetic photography, after effects, chroma key, lighting, props, etc. I'll get creative and work with what I have!
Professional Dancers
$1,200 per Orchestra Dance video
This wouldn't be enough to hire 3 professional dancers per month (one episode filmed each week), but it would subsidize the amount that I'm currently paying out-of-pocket. These dancers have shown up in sweltering heat, rainy days, and early mornings. I pay them well because they deserve it, and I really believe in this idea that it eventually works out!
My First Employee
$2,500 per Orchestra Dance video
If I get to this level then I'll be able to hire my first employee, which would dramatically speed up the process of these videos. Booking studio time, designing sets, editing video, and many more oddjobs. I'm a musician, I'm not a video editor or graphic designer. The dancers are not set designers. If we could each specialize and concentrate on our dedicated task, then we could create a better product for you in less time.
Hire Real Musicians
$10,000 per Orchestra Dance video
This has always been my main goal since starting For Orchestra back in 2008. To have an orchestra record my pieces would be amazing! Right now I'm using MIDI instruments, which sound somewhat fake and aren't very inspiring. Real instruments, real dancers, real passion, and beautiful art - that's the goal. With your help, maybe one day!


I arrange pop songs for orchestra every week and collaborate it with dance.


Philadelphia, PA, USA

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Who Am I?
Hi I'm Walt Ribeiro. Since 2008 I've released nearly 200 orchestra cover songs - everything from Attack On Titan, Pokemon, and even Doctor Who. Each song has been suggested by YOU - and sometimes we even do a group collaboration when you're actually in the recording.

This idea involves dance, cosplay, action, visual effects, and you. I promise to give you nothing but the best artistic productions possible. 

Give Me A Video Example
OK, imagine this on MegaMan 'Storm Eagle' For Orchestra. I'll hire 2 professional dancers - one will be MegaMan and the other Storm Eagle. We'll choreograph an epic and beautiful "fight" as a dance performance to the Storm Eagle theme song. I'll hire a costume designer to create the outfits, a VFX artist to recreate MegaMan and Storm Eagle's weapons, and even make the scenery look identical to the videogame itself. All of this in addition to the bone-crushing and beautiful music of a MegaMan orchestra beneath it!  

Why Patreon?
If you have dreams of collaborating with other artists for Inter-Arts products then budgets help. A lot. Not only do professional projects require time and resources to bring things to life, but compensating all of these passionate artists is important.

In addition, since I write orchestra music then I can't tour with an 80-piece orchestra. Patreon allows my community to donate to these ideas per project. These videos will be professionally shot, choreographed, edited, and made for your entertainment every week. I budgeted, shot, and edited the first 3 episodes myself in order to show what my vision is. But I couldn't do that every week. You'll be a part of this and even help me vote on which songs to arrange.

Patreon could allow us to do some pretty amazing things - like hire a live orchestra, collaborate with more videographers, VFX, longer rehearsal times, bigger studios, better lighting, and even more inter-arts ideas that are financially out of my reach.

So Patreon is like Kickstarter?
Yes, except Kickstarter is for one-time BIG projects or products. Whereas Patreon is for small projects happening on a schedule.

Isn't Your Music Free? Then Why Should I Pay?

Yes it's free! Go download it!

But if you want me to keep the lights on and create this art for you then consider a small donation to join me on this journey together.

To sweeten the deal:
1.) You can vote on which song we do!
2.) Understand that I pay these dancers, designers, and artists.
3.) I'm a cool guy!
4.) My history of work speaks for itself, and this community rocks.
5.) Did I mention you can vote?!

Video Milestones
The Milestones are over there on the left sidebar. As they're reached then the videos can start getting more awesome and less stressful! Each performance requires music, rehearsals, resources, and the right people to make them a reality.

How Often?
Expect a new orchestra dance 2 times per month (sometimes more sometimes less). Your $1 pledge will amount to 50 cents per amazing video. Patreon also allows you edit, set a limit, or discontinue any donation pledges you make, if that's a concern.

Thanks for the support - I hope to keep entertaining you! - Walt
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