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I'm just a lonesome cowboy, except I'm neither lonesome nor cowboy.


Portland, OR, USA

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"Zack Soto's The Secret Voice is a thrillingly dynamic comic that completely transported me to a world that lives in Soto's imagination. ... I hope I get to read a longer saga because this is a really awesomely fun and well realized comic."
- Jason Sacks, Comics Bulletin

“It made me wish the industry would support regular comics from Soto for a while so that we could better see the full extent of his talent.”
-Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter

The Secret Voice is my version of an "epic fantasy-adventure comic," though there are elements of metaphysics, art comics, super hero fiction and science fiction to round it out. In The Secret Voice, the warrior-monk Dr. Galapagos races against time to stop a war, save himself, his world and everyone he holds dear. There's action, mysticism, kung fu, trolls, epic battles, and I've built a huge world, which people have only seen a fraction of so far. Still to come are conspiracies, hand-to-hand mayhem, secret societies, doomed romance, betrayal, psychic showdowns, bloody battlefields, and dark forces!


I've been a professional cartoonist and micro (micro-micro) publisher for about 14 years, and while I've done a bunch of short stories and anthology comics, The Secret Voice is probably the work most people know me from. So far, there's been one print collection of the first two chapters, with another one planned for this fall. Chapter 3 is running on my site Study Group Comics right now, updated every Thursday. The completed story is going to be 6-7 print issues worth of comics.

For aesthetic reasons, I choose not to run ads on Study Group--they're distracting and keep people from focusing on the comics. But that means I don't make any kind of income from the webcomics, and have to wait for the print editions to recoup my investment. That would be fine, but it leads to delays in the process, because I have to chase jobs (and maintain a day job), and I'm really feeling all of the gaps in production at this point. I want to roll from #2 straight into #3, and so on, but to do that, the The Secret Voice has to start earning some funds of its own!

Additionally, my wife and I are expecting our first child in a few months. Of course, I'm stoked but I'm also keenly aware I won't have as much time for comics for a while after that happens. I'm working hard on SV to get well ahead of my posting schedule so that even if I don't have time or energy to work for a month or two after our son is born, I won't have to interrupt putting up comics.

Anyway, the Patreon thing is set up pretty easily, if you like my comic you can sign up to kick in 1, 5, 10, or however many dollars you want per update (I post four times a month). You can also set a monthly limit so if I get crazy and post 12 things in one month, you're not paying any more than you want. I'm also working on a new mini-comics series, as well as collaborating with several other artists--and as my patron, you'll get first look at a lot of that stuff.

AND every month (or so) I'll send out a physical mailer made on my Risograph to everyone who decides to become a Patron. It'll be fun!

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