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About Hundred Rabbits

Rekka is a writer and illustrator, Devine is a programmer and musician, together we operate a small research lab aboard a sailboat called Hundred Rabbits, where we do experiments on resilience and self-reliance using low-tech solutions.

Our work focuses on exploring and documenting alternative ways to store power and minimum viable solutions for technological tooling.

We thought that living on a sailboat was a good catalyst for learning new languages, for developing an interest in foreign cultures and ultimately for building empathy, curiosity, and creativity, traits that we will need to foster, as a species, if we want to survive the years to come.

A nomadic life, is also a way to inject some impermanence into our lives

At sea between New Zealand and Fiji, June 2018.

The story

We left Canada in 2016, with plans to circumnavigate the Pacific Ocean. During our 5 years of travel, we've had gear fail, our patience tested and became all-too-aware of our power consumption. This experience — while challenging — forced us to re-think how we work and live.

We decided to create our own sets of tools. Applications that are open-source, low-power and that are good at doing one thing. Our creative ecosystem includes:

Our studio is an ongoing project in itself. We learn new things everyday. We document it as much of it as we can on our website.

What else are we making?
We make games
We tell stories
We cook plants
We compose music

Donsol, a card game for the Famicom coded in Assembly.

What does your money pay for?
Most of our content is open-source, our recipes, websites and videos are also devoid of ads, tracking, analytics, share buttons or blockers — as is any post here on Patreon.

We strive for openness & simplicity. We want to make our own everything and to empower others to do the same.

Your support as a Patron helps make that possible.

Devine's raspberry pi workstation.

Never forget, this project wouldn't be possible without your continued support. You can keep up with our projects by following our respective Mastodon feeds (@rek & @neauoire), our Twitter, or by following our RSS feed.

Merci beaucoup!
Rekka & Devine
SV Pino
Visit our website for more info:
Location: Victoria, BC. Canada
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 56 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 56 exclusive posts

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