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You support the dream. The Podcasting, the weightlifting, the coaching. TEAMWORK makes the DREAMWORK. You are doing your part, and I appreciate that!

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You get access to a Patron Only Version of the 1,000 Ways Podcast. Your input is valued! I would love to get into the nitty gritty on the cues that all of my supporters have learned and I would love to discuss them, with you or solo! 

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You will have access to any and all programming that I release that I have created for my athletes. If you are looking for someone to look over your lifts, without the full commitment of a coach, I'm your guy. Send me your lifting videos!

You will also have access to the Patron only podcast episodes!




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About Cesar A. Flores

Hello! Thank you for stopping by and giving my Patreon a look-over.

My goal, is to produce the 1,000 Ways Podcast to the fullest extent of my ability. As often, and as high quality as I can. In hopes to deliver a real take on the journey of being an up and coming Olympic Weightlifter & Coach, in the United States. The lessons I have learned along the way from other Athletes, Coaches, Friends, and Family have left their mark on me. It may leave one on you as well. 

As a two-fold thank you for your support, my Patrons will get exclusive Podcast Audio, and Video! Also, to make me a better coach and athlete, I would like to open up my channels, and offer some coaching services! Feedback on the lifts, programming to try out,some accountability assistance, and hopefully some opportunities to train alongside one another.

Thank you for the love and support, and remember:
" What are you doing, when no-one is looking?
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If you enjoy the Informative/Motivational/Mental Health/Interview side of the Podcast Patreon:
Achieving this goal means that the 1,000 ways podcast isn't a side gig any more, it is a full time endeavor!

It means I can move forward with only working on the show and what makes the show great. I can take the show on the road! I can interview more people. I can spend more time on the quality of each episode, and put more HIGH QUALITY episodes out consistently.

If you enjoy the Weightlifting/Coaching side of the podcast:
I can devote more time to Coaching, Programming, Training and become a more effective coach and athlete. Which all in all, makes the documenting part of the show that much more special!

Thank you!
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