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About L. A. Rivers

(If you've just stumbled upon my page and don't want to read copious prose... 
I write because I am a writer. I read because I'm a reader, it's what I was born to do, in fact I started reading at two years old and haven't stopped since. I appreciate your support in any form. To find out if my style is for you please check out my podcast here: 1001 LA NIGHTS PODCAST )

About L.A. Rivers the Story Lady

For more than 30 years I've used my voice to entertain. From classical music to acting in the theater and decades of reading stories to young and old alike, I've got good pipes and I know how to use them. I started 1001 LA Nights Podcast, it started as a fun project to highlight my own work, but then started to investigate being an audiobook narrator and stopped writing as frequently. After putting out a call to the writing community on Twitter I got so many amazing submissions to read on the podcast I decided to do the "thing." Meaning, why not showcase other authors as well as myself? We all need more people to see our work, and honestly I think I love reading more than I do writing. I write to clear my head of all the various characters and scenes that clog it up, I read for sheer pleasure. I love reading characters and world's to life.

Your support here helps me support authors at all stages in their career, from novice and hobbyist to full blown best seller. Look, we all know that we're up against the algorhythms, I'm going to try to get us to grassroots grow each other up. 

About L.A. Rivers The Writer

What if the love of words helped forge a new world? What if we used our pens with ink made of hope, inspiration and innovation instead of blood and torment? It's so easy to be dystopian, to see the problems that surround us, but I believe in creating the world I want to live in. 

I've lived an exciting life, a life that was more like hell than heaven for many decades until I crawled out on my hands and knees. If I can create heaven on Earth for me, I can write it into being. So my stories reflect the idominable spirit of humans. My stories reflect our ability to heal, love and rise above all obstacles. My stories highlight the complexity of life and how with strength of will, determination and grit we can forge relationships, worlds and lives that reward us in the simplicity of it all.

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