LonelyTree and Millman97 are creating web novel translations!

Fellow Slave

$1 /mo
You're just helping a fellow slave out.

Thanks a bunch for your support.

Slave Leader

$5 /mo
Your standing is at the same level as a slave, but you force us slaves under your command to work harder!

Thanks a load for your support.

Slave Guard

$10 /mo
As a free person, you can drive us slaves to our limit (without killing us)!

Thanks a ton for your support.

Slave Master

$20 /mo
In charge of all the slaves and their guards, you wouldn't mind if one or two of us slaves died...

Thanks a tonne for your support.

Slave Trading CEO

$40 /mo
You own the whole slaving company, what do you want us to do next, owner?

Thanks a mill for your support.