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5ive On FortWorth's Fav Coffee

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This fuels my creativity with coffee from one of the many local coffee spots in love here in Fort Worth. 

My favorite five coffee shops in Fort Worth are:
  • Lazy Daisy
  • Pax & Beneficia
  • Vaquero Coffee Co. 
  • Cherry Coffee Shop
  • Buon Giorno
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Tres Tacos y Una Coca

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Look, when I was thinking about what costs about $10, I couldnt seem to shake the thought of an order of tacos (I like pastor and asada. Barbacoa for breakfast!) and an ice cold bottle of Mexican coke. Sorry if I made you envious of my imaginary meal. 

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About The 100thousand Network

At The 100thousand Network, we will produce content that keeps it 100 and explores a thousand topics.

My hope is YOU, yes YOU become a next level supporter and join the crew creating free, easily accessible podcasts that engage, entertain and educate through audio.

I believe podcasts can help many ruminate, mull over, and especially challenge their own perspectives. This works best through a medium where free speech discussions are encouraged to flourish, where we can contend for consensus and where we the podcasters and you the listener can truly grow! 

Your financial investment already helps us with the website which hosts our RSS feed and sends our audio to 20+ different platforms.

Our major works:
-The Con Con Pod is going on hiatus but will return! 

-The 100thousand Podcast launched in April 2021. It is our flagship podcast, keeping it 100, exploring a thousand topics. 

-Support The Fort launched in May 2021. It covers the current culture and celebrate the history of Fort Worth, Texas.

Having 3 podcasts will triple our reoccurring monthly costs but I believe it’s absolutely worth it!

Continued investing will help us: 
  1. Register the network as a business in Texas
  2. Officially register the network with the United States Patent and Trademark Office
  3. Create a website to house our audio eventual video, interact with listeners and be a step up from our Linktree as our current landing page
  4. Paying a contractor to edit our video (full length and into clips)
  5. Seek out and pay new talent to produce their own show, on the network. 
  6. General marketing
  7. Outfit our current recording space with portable equipment that would eventually reside in a permanent recording studio like the following:
  • Acoustic foam absorption panels for the walls
  • Quality headphones
  • Quality chairs
  • Cameras and tripods
  • Hard drive with storage space to keep our audio backed up 
  • New microphones
  • Upgraded editing software
We're open to ideas for how to improve! Please let me know if you have constructive criticism by DMing me on Instagram @RabihAbiHanna or emailing us at [email protected]
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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