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About Ten & Two

Hello! My name is Matthew Hoss and I am the artist behind Ten & Two (@10.and.2).

Why did you create a Patreon?
Instead of creating an online store where I sell prints and stickers, I decided I'd rather let you get the digital files and print them however you'd like! This allows me to sell my work for significantly less and avoid spending time fulfilling orders and maintaining a webstore, which instead I can focus on creating! I look forward to sharing and creating exclusive content for the Patrons and building a small community where I can make things specifically for you all.
How much content will be available every month?
For starters, I will be aiming to post up to 5 vehicles every month, and sometimes some bonus vehicles / content!
You should expect to get content bi weekly (around the 1st and 15th of every month).

What kind of downloads will be available?
You will receive various files and types.
Square file (12"x12" / 30cm x 30cm) jpeg
Portrait file (8"x10") jpeg
Sticker file (4" width / various height) png
Transparent file (12"x12" / 30cm x 30cm) png
Phone Background file (1080px x 1920px) jpeg

All files that have backgrounds will come in off white and a complimentary color.

Will you assist in helping me print the files?
All files will come print ready!
I will also provide links to various goods (prints, stickers, shirts, etc.) that you can get printed online and shipped to most anywhere in the world.

Can I sell goods with the artwork?
NO! This is not designed for that and you may not do this.
You can print the files on anything you'd like for personal use only.
Please refer to the terms of agreement below.

Patreon User Agreement
Ten & Two
i. Becoming a patron grants you the rights to use the content provided through Patreon by Ten & Two (10 and 2, Matthew Hoss) for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

ii. You may print the files in any format you like such as but not limited to; Prints, Stickers, Magnets, Shirts.

iii. You may NOT resell or redistribute the files / artwork in any way and you may NOT use the files for any commercial uses such as but not limited to; Advertising, Marketing, Commercial goods (Clothing, Stickers, Patches, Prints).

iv. You may NOT redistribute or resell the artwork in the following but not limited to digital ways; Downloads (paid or free), Digital files, NFT’s, to any persons, business, or entity.

v. You may post the files online such as social media and forums. Although it is highly discouraged to post the files in full resolution online, as this allows easy theft and redistribution. After all, you are paying for the file(s), so why allow others to get them for free.

vi. You do NOT own any rights or use of a render(s) and Ten & Two reserves the right to continue using, selling, distributing, altering, etc. the render(s) at any given time.

vii. You may NOT edit or change the render in any way. This includes but is not limited to; Changing the color(s) of the artwork or any component, adding or removing any component, etc.

viii. Due to the nature of the product, refunds are not available.

ix. If you are in violation of any terms listed above, the appropriate legal action will be taken and you will be liable for all legal and court fees.

By becoming a patron to Ten & Two (10 and 2, Matthew Hoss), you understand and agree to the following listed above.

It's simple, I'm here to create content for fun and share it with you all. I can't control what you do, I just ask that you respect my work as I am doing this for a small price to give you all freedom to create what you want, rather than limit you to specific products sold through me at a higher price.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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