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You enjoy and cherish the parasocial relationships you have with us both online and in your earbuds. 
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You correctly recognise that anyone above 5'7" is an op, and have cut them out of your life. You are fully on board to make the Oceans shorter and, hopefully, to get rid of the sun. 
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Reply Guy

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Your fingers are fast and at the ready, waiting for the moment Phoebe posts another picture showing her feet. You know the perfect balance of creepy, endearing and wholesome needed to make a post stand out - and get you straight to the DMs. 
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About Ten Thousand Posts

Back in the 90s, a brave band of electronic warriors known as ‘tech guys’ had a dream of using the internet to connect everyone regardless of their age, gender, religion or creed; here was an environment that could transcend governments, nation states and global institutions. Anyway, these guys live in mansions in Silicon Valley while the rest of us spend what free time we have getting furious on the computer.

Ten Thousand Posts is a podcast about how social media and other platforms have influenced every aspect of our lives, from how we work, how we value our friends and romantic relationships, to how we think of ourselves as members *puts on Joker mask* of a society. We hope our show, which was born out of a pandemic lockdown fever dream, shows how everything is posting and that even if you’re not yourself Online, Online is definitely you.

The show is hosted by Hussein (@HKesvani) and Phoebe (@Phoebe_Rosa_Holly) and is produced by Drew (@mydrewd), who all have severe cases of Poster's Disease and started the podcast because its cheaper than therapy. Signing up on Patreon will give you exclusive access to fortnightly bonus episodes, extended interviews with guests, and access to Q&A episodes and a Discord group. If you sign up to the top tier, Hussein will also give you his verified check on Twitter dot com (once he figures out how to open pdf).

Help us make more great content about content. Please. Our children are starving.

$300 - reached! per month
If we reach this goal and are able to sustain the podcast, we will do a special live-stream called "Poster's Court" where will put a number of well known online personalities on trial. 
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