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About The 10 Minute Jazz Lesson Podcast

The 10 Minute Jazz Lesson is a Podcast and Website dedicated to music education for all ages and abilities. We seek to provide a free form of weekly music lessons to anyone and everyone with an internet connection and a desire to learn. Jazz education is traditionally very expensive and requires a high number of resources. First one must find a reputable teacher, schedule (expensive) lessons, and get themselves to wherever the teacher is. This can be a problem in today's busy world. 
There is no replacement for a good teacher and that's not what we are hoping to do at the 10 Minute Jazz Lesson. We are simply passionate about bringing quality lessons to everyone regardless of geographic location or financial status. 

We provide short, concise jazz lessons complete with downloadable PDF's to anyone and everyone who is interested. It requires some work on the student's part, but it is possible to improve your musicianship from these shows!

We are looking for patrons to keep this form of education fresh, original, and most of all, consistent! The time it takes to prepare, record, and deliver this content to the public is equivalent to a full time job. We also maintain an active blog and resource sections to give our visitors a complete experience in one place.

We also seek to maintain an interactive and helpful Facebook community where our students can meet and encourage each other to keep pushing the boundaries of their skills in music. Communities built around a common goal can make a huge difference in student's lives and we want ours to be the best and most supportive. Building and maintaining this community also takes a tremendous amount of time and energy.

In the future, we hope to grow the podcast in many ways. The big goal is to get world famous jazz musicians to guest host episodes and this takes funding. We can't ask top notch professionals to donate their time, and we need funding in order to pay them so we can deliver the content to our students and keep it free. Imagine taking a lesson from someone you have always been a fan of but could never afford to study with. By using this platform, we can make this a reality for students across the globe!

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