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Hi, I'm Maryna, a knitting instructor with a knack for finding useful knitting techniques and explaining them in an easy to follow step by step format.


Short answer: Weekly knitting tutorials about better ways to knit.

Long answer: Every week I pick one of the questions I receive from other knitters or a question that I ask myself when I work on my knitting projects (usually it starts with "Is there an easier way to..."). Sometimes I choose a new (to me) technique that I've stumbled upon in a knitting book (often an old one).

Then I do an extensive research to find everything there is to know about the answer to that question or about that technique. I start with the knitting books in my local library as well as the knitting books I owe (their number gets dangerously close to the number of books in my local library :-). Then I check the information available online. I make pages of notes and then move on to the next step - testing.

Testing is exactly what you think it is - I take yarn and needles, and work through my notes to see which of the tips I found are the best to solve the issue on hand. When I describe a new technique, I look for easier ways to explain it, so I break down every step to simplest actions, like "insert the right needle from left to right into the first stitch on the left needle". 

After testing all of my findings, I pick the ones that are the easiest and most efficient and write an article describing every one of those tips or aspects of a technique in simple terms and great detail. I always imagine explaining it to someone who is new to the technique I describe, or a knitter who is upset by a knitting issue and doesn't need any more frustration added to it.

When the article is ready, I take photos to make my explanation even more clear and easy to understand.

Then I make a video tutorial where I demonstrate each step in front of a camera. I usually add comments and additional explanation to help you understand why this way works in resolving a knitting issue, or how this technique can help you improve your knitting.


First and foremost, because you are a kind person :-)

Also, because you enjoy knitting, and would like to become better at it,

because you prefer to know simple ways to knit and avoid complicated ones,

because you want to make fewer knitting mistakes,

because you don't have time to test new knitting techniques and would rather have someone (me!) do that tedious part for you,

and, of course, because you love to create nice looking knits, and you enjoy receiving compliments for your work.

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