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As a walk on, you get to fulfill your dream of taking your place in a division-1 locker room. The lights are bright, the stakes are high, welcome to the show.

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About The 11Point7 College Baseball Podcast

The 11Point7 Podcast is named after the amount of baseball scholarships allotted at the Division 1 level. We are College Baseball's ONLY Explicit Podcast and top ranked college baseball podcast in the world.

Simply put, the level and quality of college baseball exposure & content sucks.

But not anymore.

The 11Point7 group is sharing their expertise and knowledge straight to you. The 11Point7 crew has over 10 years of college baseball experience allowing them to bring you unfiltered, uncensored, college baseball coverage.

What do you get as our Patron?

In addition to supporting the 11.7 Podcast, our Patrons will receive unmatched access to the following topics covered by the 11.7 group

  • Patron Q&A
  • Why do programs recruit the players they do?
  • How do programs build their teams?
  • How do programs make their players better?
  • What are the in game strategies used by coaches + players?
  • Special guests including but not limited to players, coaches, those involved in the college baseball world.
  • unprecedented national program analysis based on tens of thousands of data points!(our personal favorite)

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