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You really like me? Thanks for staying up late with me. I'm glad you're hanging out and I'm grateful. That's why I'll list you in all of my future novels, because of you I'm going further as an author. 
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I see you're having trouble sleeping. I always find some reading helps get me to sleep. Well, unless I'm reading something really good. Because you're up late, I'm going to give you access to chapters of my web serials as I write them, and I'm still thankful for you.
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Oh, you're awake, awake. No problem. I'm going to give you everything in the previous tiers. I'm also going to give you access to short stories I write. Usually somewhere between 2000 and 5000 words so longer than the chapters of a web serial. I 'll also throw in some preview chapters from novels I'm working on in secret and I might come to you for advice on where to go with the story. But, I'm not done yet. I'll send you PDF copies of all my books, old and new. That's Phantasmagroical, SWIFT, Super Shorts, and everything else. That should keep you busy for a while.
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  • You get chapters for all of my web serials as I write them
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About Darrell Shaffer

Hello, I'm Darrell, you may remember me from all over the internet, I am a child of the internet. You may have bought a book on Amazon, maybe even watched a YouTube video or heard a podcast episode. If you've found this page you're probably aware that I write, a lot, so I will not bore you with that any longer. It's not like I have a list of awards to rattle off. (Please give me an award, I want to be an award winning author. I got an award once but the website shut down and nobody believes me.)

I've wanted to be a story teller my entire life, so now I tell stories. There was a period in my life where I completely gave up on the idea. I entered into University planning to major in English. I had a creative writing teacher who would constantly tell us that we were all horrible. If he could not make it as an author there was no hope for us because his middle finger held more talent than the entire class combined. I finished the class, gave up and changed my major. The entire English department just seemed like a horrible fit for me. I stopped writing for a long time, but I never lost the itch to write.

Sometime during college, I started Blerds Online, which people seem to like for some reason. We're coming up on seven years, which seems ridiculous in my mind. For a while, that itch to write was fulfilled. Reviews, theories, lists, and whatever else I wanted to write was just fine for me. The content I was delivering was enjoyable for people and I was able to write as much as I wanted. Meanwhile the world of eBooks was booming. People who had been turned down by publishers or had been told they could never make it were releasing books.

They weren't only releasing books, they were selling books. Just about everyone found someone who enjoyed their content and that was the most beautiful thing to me. Nobody was getting rich and turning into JK Rowling or Stephen King, but they all found supporters. Even if books were being sold for 0.99 cents, they had people who loved their work. Watching people tell stories and have others respond positively or even negatively had me itching again. I mean, I was really itching to write some stories. (Bring me an antihistamine itching)

Coincidentally, I had recently found a bundle of short stories that I had written back in high school. I don't remember what the original plan for them was. After freshman year of college, they were abandoned for years. Feeling brave, in 2017 I put them together and released them as a book called Stories From A Time Since Gone: An Anthology of Angsty Teenage Emotion. Apparently, I just liked the idea of really long or strange book titles. I don't know what I was thinking. I barely edited the stories, formatted them terribly and threw them up on the internet with a cover I made myself. (The book has had 5 different covers. I'm always changing covers.)

Despite the horrible title I gave away 100 free copies in the first week. That was a rush because it's something I never deemed possible. That was with minimum promotion because admittedly I was a little nervous about putting it out there. Then something crazy happened, it sold. I'm not talking about huge numbers or anything like that. But, people were buying it, actually paying $1.99 for my work. Every month I get royalties deposited into my bank account. Some months it's only a few cents, sometimes I can buy a candy bar, other times I can buy lunch. Still, people buy that book every month and it was one of the best feelings in my life every time I saw a deposit in my account for $0.34 because somebody paid for my work. There are some great feelings that diminish over time the more you feel them, someone buying my book is not one of those. Money is nice, but I have a job, and I like it most of the time. Writing is just something I always wanted to do so I feel incredible that I can make money from it, even if it isn't bank busting.

Everyone has favorite authors. Social media has made those authors more accessible than ever before. I always understood being an author was not going to make you a millionaire so you better really love it. One thing that was mind blowing to me is that majority of my favorite authors have jobs. I mean, Ted Dekker is rich, writing is his job, but regular 9-5 jobs were super common; almost everyone had one. Seeing one of my favorite childhood authors post a picture of his car and complaining he always got new dents in the parking garage made my heart soar as I yelled "me too!" Maybe a random post from the cubicle about Fridays at work dragging just blew my mind; she's waiting to clock out just like me. These aren't just authors I've fallen in love with during the eBook boom either. These are authors of books I read growing up, books available at libraries, books I own. I saw an author complaining about about how his 2001 minivan had died on him and I realized that, I was no different than these people. I mean, they were way more experienced than I was, we're talking dozens of books over decades. But, at the core, we are all people with similar day to day lives and writing is our passion. There are authors who had major book deals who now self publish because they have more freedom, even if there's less money.

Which leads me to Patreon. I heard one of those authors I had read as a child praise Patreon for giving him a secondary source of income beyond just selling books even if it wasn't a ton of money. The idea is lay the groundwork now, and hopefully someone will jump on later.

  • Book covers are expensive: I have no intentions of ever paying $4000 for a book cover, yet, somebody is buying them. I'm pretty good with Photoshop if I do say so myself, but I'm no digital Picasso. I'd like to get some real artists to create book covers for me. Right now I'm paying $40-60 each. 
  • Editors are even more expensive: If you've ever read anything I've written for Blerds Online you will know that I am the king of typos. I'm pretty sure there's a typo somewhere in here. I have no business editing anything I write because I will not catch my own errors until months, sometimes years later. Anything I have written for the site is living and always changing because I'm always catching errors way after things are published. There's probably errors in here that someone is going to see. They'll say "I'm not supporting an author who doesn't know basic English," and that's why I need editors.
  • My House: I bought a house, and if you follow me on Twitter this thing is a never ending money pit. Garage doors just doing whatever they want. Trees falling when no one is around to hear them, appliances dying, wallpaper pealing, toilets dying. I never heard of a toilet flapper before, but I've put in two now. I can rebuild all the pipe work under your sink now. Who knew something so small would be so troublesome? Seriously, follow me on Twitter, something goes wrong every month. It is an ongoing saga. However, I'm getting really good with a toolbox. If my dad could see me now, he'd be proud.
  • Formatting: I have no doubt with more practice I will be able to format books with no problem, but it's way easier to pay an expert.
  • Media: We all love it.  Video Games are the addiction of my generation. I love movies and you know I'm buying books. I love books and with eBooks I'm able to just buy dozens of them and don't have to buy book cases. But I've also seen some really cool collections of physical novels.

I'm giving away sections in my novels, early chapters, even books. I wouldn't leave you out to dry and you don't even have to consider this purchasing my friendship. You're purchasing contet.
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I'm going to remove the ads form 12AMFiction.com. I've now surpassed what I make monthly on the ads. You just liberated the microfiction. Feel proud of yourself great liberator.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts

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