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About 12tone

12tone is an online education channel that covers all sorts of musical topics, like harmony, arranging, and composition. We produce a new video (almost) every week, and seek to inspire a love of music and music theory in as many people as possible. Patreon support helps us to make our videos even better, and to reach an even larger and more diverse audience, sharing our love of music with the world. It also helps us keep 12tone free for everyone, because no one should be cut off from learning just because they can't afford to pay.

Guidelines for song suggestions

We're doing an analysis video every month, and we're taking suggestions on which songs to do from you, our patrons! While we're open to pretty much anything, here's some guidelines for what sorts of songs we're looking for most:

  • It should be well-known. Ideally, we should be able to just say the name and have people know basically what it sounds like. Linking out adds time, playing examples risks automated copyright enforcement problems, and besides, people want to hear about the songs they love!
  • There should be something interesting or unique about it. Sure, we could analyze Stand By Me or Any Way You Want It, but there's really not much to say there. They're fairly basic chord progressions that just... work. There should really be something to talk about in the song, some reason to focus on it instead of something else. You don't have to actually know how to describe it, but if there's some section that stands out to you as really interesting, that's a good sign.
  • It shouldn't be TOO complex. We're doing fairly short videos, so if a song is too out there and weird, we won't have the time to give it the attention it needs. Bohemian Rhapsody, for instance, is a lovely song but would take about a half an hour to analyze properly. Ideally, the song would have one or two specific, noteworthy things about it, and then maybe a few more fun facts to toss in as well, time permitting.
  • It doesn't have to be harmonic! Harmonic analyses are fun and all, but if the song has some other interesting things about it, like cool melodies or weird rhythms, those are worth looking at too!

Even if your song doesn't meet all those guidelines, though, feel free to submit it! We'll consider everything we get, and if it's interesting enough we'll happily ignore other criteria for it, but these are some of the main things we'll be looking for. Thanks!
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