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Thanks for chipping in just a little bit of money to help offset costs!


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You must really find my stuff helpful! Thank you so much!

As a little thank you, I'll try to give some sneak peeks of and drop some comments about upcoming cool stuff I'm working on.


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That's a lot of money every month. Thank you a million times!

As my way of saying thanks, in addition to the sneak peeks and such, you'll get your username put into a special supporters section of my projects, and lots of gratitude! You make all these things possible.




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About 14er

I am a software developer who programs stuff (usually for video games) in my free time and provides them free of charge to people.

Some of my better-known projects include, and are probably how you wound up here, the CTM Repository, Mapmaking Megaserver, and 14erEdit; all built to help with making and publishing CTM maps for the popular game Minecraft!

If you want to chip in a little bit to offset server costs or because my tools are useful, it's greatly appreciated!

- 14ercooper
$87.57 of $300 per month
This is about what it costs me each month to keep all the projects online and working. If I reach this goal, it'll free up enough resources for me to start working on some more ambitious features for all my projects!
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