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Welcome to the family, son! 

As 16-Bit Dad is an inclusive community, I didn't want anyone to be locked out through different tiers... Instead, everyone who chooses to support and be a part of the 16-Bit Dad Patreon communtiy gets all of the benefits, rewards and other stuff we are supposed to say!


  • Get your name in the credits on my Twitch channel.
  • Early access to my YouTube videos.
  • Behind The Scenes videos, images and ramblings.
  • Access to Patreon Polls, where you can submit games for the Weekly Showcase Stream for all Patreon supports to vote on, with the winner getting played on the next Showcase stream.
  • A personalised Shout Out in the stream.
  • A digital Christmas Card each Christmas, from the next one after you join.




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Who Are You?

16-Bit Dad is the retro gaming blog and Twitch stream channel dedicated to bringing you the weird, the wonderful and the awesome classic games. From weekly articles on classic RPGs to streams where we play through entire series together, everything is focused on giving you guys great content!

Part of that comes from the Weekly Retro Showcase; each week, we choose a random retro game that is 10 years old or more and play it on stream. The pool of games is community-generated, meaning anyone in the 16-Bit Dad community (known as the Tribe) can add to it! 

Why Have A Patreon?

Every piece of content created on the 16-Bit Dad blog and Twitch channel are entirely free for you to enjoy. That is and always will be the case. There are no "sub-only streams" here and there never will be. That's a promise. After all, this is all about our shared love for retro games!

That said, I always want to be able to create the best possible content for you to enjoy.

To do this, the idea of partnering up with you guys through Patreon is amazing. With your support, 16-Bit Dad can grow to brand new heights in terms of content generation. You can help to push us towards starting a whole bunch of new content for you to ingest and devour. Here are just a few of the ideas;

Super Mega Awesome Streams

You know, I might actually call them that from now on. Anyway... With your help, I can expand and improve my streams on Twitch. This will be done by getting better equipment as well as bigger and more exciting games! Your support will mean I can do the following;

  • Increase the number of games I am able to feature.
  • Add guests to some of my streams.
  • Improve the sound quality of the streams, so they are easier for you to watch.
  • Get more emotes and other cool stuff for you to play around with on Stream

Pretty cool, right?

On top of that, I would like to launch and run a live Twitch podcast covering retro gaming, anime and all sorts of other geeky stuff. I'll also be able to include a variety of guests on that podcast, making it fun and exciting to listen to! 

More YouTube RPG Content

Whilst I'm already creating bi-weekly videos for YouTube, covering first impressions of RPG demos and also how to run a gaming blog, through Patreon, we can build up 16-Bit Dad to allow me to generate bigger and better YouTube videos on an even more regular basis.

I have a tonne of ideas for more RPG based content, not just limited to Let's Plays or List Posts (although they would be included as well). For example, through Patreon we can push 16-Bit Dad to new heights together, where I can create Plot Analysis videos, deep dives into gameplay aspects and design, and much more!

And That's (Not) All Folks

As a Patreon member, early access to any and all pre-recorded video content, plus your name in the credits of the streams. You'll even get the opportunity to have your say as to which games we play on Showcase streams whenever there is a Patreon Poll episode as well as Behind The Scenes content and a digital Christmas card each year! 

With the absolutely awesome help that you guys can give, I can expand 16-Bit Dad and give you the content that you deserve! So come and join the party today! We have cheesecake!

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Once we reach $10, I'll publish a Thank You video, giving a shout out to all of my Patrons at that point in time!
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