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 You get access to:
-A special Patron role on Discord, with a special Patron channel.
-A special Patron designation on the 17th Shard forum, with a special Patron discussion forum. 
-Special exclusive outtakes
-Voting in our monthly Coppermind art commission polls
Includes Discord benefits
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The $5 Scholars

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Includes all previous benefits, and:
  • Voting on when upcoming Shardcast topics come out
  • Monthly informal chat with Shardcast panelists on a Discord voice channel
  • Quarterly Q&A's with questions from you, livestreamed for patrons, with VODs publicly going to YouTube
  • Quarterly livestreamed actual Shardcast episodes
Includes Discord benefits

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All benefits from previous tiers, as well as:
  • Who's That Cosmere Character Priority Queue
  • Your name listed at the end of videos and Shardcast
  • Your name and a short blurb you write, to be displayed 17th Shard's About page saying how awesome you are
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About 17th Shard

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a bunch of nerds who found each other through a shared love of Brandon Sanderson’s works and the Cosmere. We run 17th Shard, the Official Brandon Sanderson Fan Site, founded in 2010, where you can find all the news on Brandon's work, as well as participate in an extensive community of over 20,000 members, with over 750,000 posts on our forums. Here we give people a space to discuss Brandon's works, and have all sorts of fun with others who share this big interest. We also manage a large Discord server where you can have conversations in a faster paced setting.

In addition, we run the Coppermind Wiki, the premier wiki for Brandon's works, and Arcanum, which archives interesting comments Brandon makes at signings, in interviews, or on social media.

Last, but not least, we are content creators. Most prominently we produce Shardcast, a video podcast for deep dives into all of Brandon's works, which airs weekly on YouTube and Soundcloud.

Together, we aspire to be the one-stop shop for all your Brandon Sanderson related needs: a forum and Discord for all your desires for discussion, news and updates that are relevant to the Brandon Sanderson fandom, content you enjoy with Shardcast (and more), and also our extensive wiki for you to find any information you need.

Why Patreon?

We are coming to Patreon because, since 2010, all the funding for this site has come out of the pockets of a select few of our staff members (with some occasional, but much appreciated, support from other donors). To give users an excellent experience, we use some paid software, like what we use for the main 17th Shard site (Invision Power Suite). Not to mention, hosting all these projects is not cheap.

Doing content creation right has also not been cheap, as we've purchased quality equipment for each of our large roster of casters, and maintain a subscription to premium video editing software,as we are dedicated to crafting a top-notch product. In addition, we pay for a Soundcloud subscription so that the entirety of our back catalog of Shardcast remains publicly available.

Our hope with this Patreon is to begin paying back our staff members for all the money they have put into the site, as well as lend support to the production of Shardcast (and other video content) which requires a large investment of time, particularly when it comes to editing. We would like to begin compensating our panelists and editors for the time they give to these projects, invest in ways to improve the quality of our shows, and of course, expand our content offerings!

We intend this Patreon to be a tip jar for you, if you would like to support what we do. As with all donations, please make sure you only donate if your financial situation is okay. You come first.

We do not intend for this to change any accessibility to the content we have created thus far or plan to create going forward, that is we will never put Shardcast or access to any of our sites behind a paywall. Though we may periodically post some special bonus content just for our Patrons.

We are new to Patreon so please bear with us as we start small. To begin our rewards will be:

-A special role on our Discord server, saying that you are Patron, with a special Patron chat channel
-A special designation on the forums, saying you are a Patron, with a special Patron discussion forum 

As we grow and get more established we may expand our rewards, but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves right now!

Thanks for reading, and if you choose to support us, thank you so much. Seriously.
$1,250 - reached! per month
With this goal, we double our art budget! Sometimes we'll hire more expensive artists, and sometimes we'll just commission more art from smaller, potentially less known ones who could use the work.
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