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About 1865 Podcast

Welcome to 1865, SEASON TWO

Season Two debuts April 27th, 2021, but Patreon supporters get early, ad-free access immediately.

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1865 is a historical fiction audio drama that starts at the moment President Lincoln is assassinated and follows Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton, as he begins the hunt for Lincoln’s assassin—but that isn’t all that grips Stanton.

Lincoln’s successor, Vice President Andrew Johnson, is likely to bend to southern interests and undo the very progress for which Lincoln died. Edwin Stanton must employ every bit of political wile he can muster to secure the future of the freed slaves, and the nation.

Consumed by his conviction, Stanton will betray his friends, his honor, and the very constitution he is sworn to protect, all to steer the country towards justice.

This new Airship audio drama tells the true history of how one man tried to save the nation in its most perilous days.

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