is creating a channel bringing family, community, and anglers together!

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"You guys are making a real difference in the community and impacting lives and I want to be a part of it!" Your contribution will go towards everything 1Fish2Fish is all about, bringing community together! We promise to keep teaching others to fish, bringing kids, wives, and families together. We will be doing more outreach in the community and beyond, just like when we fed the homeless with the fish we caught!

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"1Fish2Fish is going big places and I want to say I was a part of their journey!" This contribution will help us pay for upcoming fishing trips local and beyond! We have some big dreams someday to for international travel to fish, film, and serve communities in need. This will help us along the way to invest in others! This will also help us launch our 1Fish2Fish apparel/gear line we have been dreaming up!


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"1Fish2Fish has made a real investment in others and/or personally and have seen it first hand. I want to be a part of this so they can keep doing what they do best!" This contribution will help catapult us into investing more into our fishing career and pursing our dreams of being world changers, one fishermen at a time.  We will be able to produce more quality videos, travel to new fisheries to feature for our 1Fish2Fish fans, and continue to do big things through our channel, in the community, and beyond! 




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About 1Fish2Fish

Jeff and I started on our fishing journey two years year ago. We set out to start filming our fishing adventures and educational tutorials to help bring community together. Since then, our YouTube has grown exponentially with folks all up and down the East Coast and from out West. Both of us being passionate about fishing and impacting others, we began a series called "Make it Happen", the premise is based around going out and reaching your goals and God given dreams despite the pushback, grind, and hardship to get there. Our YouTube has become more than we could have imagined but it has given us a platform to truly bring community together! In just the first two years, it has given us the ability to feed the homeless, bring veterans fishing, meet our subscribers and invite them into our home for dinner, teach kids how to fish and feel confident, host fun fishing tournaments, speak at conferences about our passion for the ocean, and the list goes on. We are beyond grateful for the journey we have set out on and are passionate about fishing, community, and making an impact everywhere we go!

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