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About 1avardac

Join the Pistol Pete Posse and let us go together on a chase after rare Pete Maravich videos and photos! As my Patron, you will have access
to what I manage to unearth.

Concerning Tiers and Road Map

When developing the tiers, my main consideration was to provide corresponding value to Patrons. Therefore, I have put together a few series of 2 or more photos spanning over several tiers, making them 'collectable items' of sorts.

The photo gallery is going to be updated with new photos at least once a month. Tier-dedicated photos will not be repeated in the gallery.

Apart from reuploading upscaled versions of older videos to my youtube channel, I will be releasing a new video every month. A few are already in the works.

Tier 4 is going to be shut down as soon as all the available spots have been claimed or after one month of operation, whichever comes first. However, if I'm confident that I can provide adequate value for the following month, I will personally consult an extension with the "Pistol" Patrons, letting them know exactly what they will be receiving.

My plans for the future - if there is enough interest and support - are to commission a professional photographer to make Pistol Pete Posse posters, wallpapers and icons. I am also open to my Patrons' ideas.

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