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About Morrus

Need a quick, fun, one-shot adventure in a pinch? No time to prep? You’ve come to the right place!

I will create one or two One Page Adventures for DnD each month. These are adventures designed for one session of play, each being a standalone adventure with its own theme. Each adventure is contained on a single side of one A4/letter-size sheet of paper, and is available for download in PDF format. I really appreciate your contributions, as each takes many hours to put together. You can become a patron and get these adventures for as little as a dollar per month!

You can check out THE BUSINESS OF EMOTION for free! LANIDOR, a village. All the villagers are falling in love. TWO-LIPS, a gnomish flower farmer, is causing a “love plague”. His business was failing, so he made a deal with HERMIA, a witch, to drum up more “emotion” to bolster his lackluster sales. If you like that one, there's loads more available to patrons!


My name is Morrus, and I run the RPG news website EN World. I also have a weekly podcast called Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk, created the WOIN roleplaying game system, and I am the creator of the ENnies. I also do loads of other stuff! If you're reading this, you probably followed a link from one of those things!


You'll get one or two One Page Adventures per month. I will be releasing these online in PDF format.

One-page adventures are short and to the point. As an exercise in writing economy, they are distilled down to the very basics. Monsters and NPCs always use standard stat blocks referenced in bold (the usual 5E style), and area descriptions are kept to the bare minimum. For example, Two-Lips' farm in the first adventure, The Business of Emotion, is described thusly: "Flower fields and a small farmhouse. TWO-LIPS, a gnome noble, directs a crew of six gnome commoners."

Some examples (and there are many more):

  • A gnome farmer infects a village's water supply with a love potion!
  • Infighting bullywug tribes and elemental totems cause an expanding desert!
  • Christmas presents stolen by a tribe of goblins must be recovered!
  • Undead dinosaurs in a sunken city seek to reclaim their lost lands!


These adventures are coming out monthly. 


The short nature of these adventures make them super-easy to convert on the fly to other systems. I've run them in WOIN and Pathfinder with no preparation required. You will find you can run them in your system of choice, likely on the fly.


That's up to you! Patreon is a "pay-what-you-want" subscription model. YOU decide what these are worth to you. I have suggested a couple of amounts - from a cup of coffee up to a decent meal - which should suit a range of budgets. But it's your decision. What's a one-page adventure worth? I would say, though, that a cup of coffee costs between $3 and $6 depending where you are in the world, and each of these takes me many hours to make!

You get it ALL no matter how much you choose to pay! As always, only pay what you think it's worth!

And don't forget, if you change your mind, you can cancel at any time. There's no obligation!


You pay the amount you pledged as a patron each time I post a new One Page Adventure. Of course, you may cancel at any time. Patreon charges you at the end of each calendar month. So if you pledged $5, you'd pay $5 each time I post a new adventure. The amount is up to you - whatever you think it's worth.


Some of these adventures are converted from longer adventures I have commissioned from other writers elsewhere (you can see the original creator of each at the bottom of the adventure), while others I will write myself. The layout is my own work, as is the conversion and distillation. I have a whole bunch lined up for now, but later I will be asking Patrons what adventure topics they want next.


Of course you can! Just scroll down and you'll see the latest One Page Adventures. You can grab them for free, but I would really appreciate your support! If you like these, please do become a patron. You can pay what you want - every bit helps. 
150 - reached! patrons
When I reach 150 patrons, I will release THE HAUNTING OF CALROW RUINS. A site-based adventure where the PCs are tasked to clear a haunted castle. But what lives within the Grim Tapestry? Based on the adventure by Aaron Infante-Levy.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts

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