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About XXI Century Renaissance

I believe there are things that should be known and talked about. Society has been living in a dream world of self-motivation and egotism, everybody trying to race to the top. Too busy to understand how the world works because you have no time for that! You're busy with work, family, friends... in other words, you're busy with life; your life and each of us play the role of a protagonist in our stories.

I went through life-changing experiences in the past 10 years, that have led me to believe society is not going to be able to free itself without the weird ones, the rebels, the non-conforming free-range humans. As I went through these experiences I understood people will only see things in the way their brain has been programmed to: academically, culturally, socially, emotionally, and psychologically.

I found it was useless to try to explain, and very frustrating as their void of information was so vast that there was no way they could understand what I was saying. Without having done enough work to be aware of their own programming it was pointless to debate in this manner.

So, this channel will serve to bring forth difficult topics, at times mysterious, mystical or we may even dwell into the unknown searching for the truth and exposing reality from another perspective. On my daily life, I do not consume TV, magazines, newspapers, radio, and I am not a fanatic, not of a sport, not of a religion, not of a group, association, or race. This is a worldwide statement for oncoming years, at the beginning of every century there has been social transformations... are you ready for the 21st Century Renaissance?
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