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This page is dedicated to uplift and elevate the spirituality of those who seek knowledge, wisdom & growth. Let me help you so you can help yourself, Let me teach you so you can one day heal yourself. Follow me as I guide you and make sure your spirituality is being put to full use and is being done correctly most importantly!

Salam Malekun, My name is Luis Romero I am a Tata Nganga, Palo monte Vudoo priest. I was initiated into Palo Monte at the young age of three in San Miguel Del Padron,Cuba. I was initiated firstly as an ''Nguello'' after being initiated in Cuba my family migrated me to Florida. Working alongside my family and elders soaking in all the knowledge I can I slowly started to work with my spirits and egguns. Eventually at the age of eighteen I was initiated as a Tata,Vuduu priest, along side the supervision of my padrino I started helping the public through divination, cleansings, love work, evolution work,amulets etc. Now at the age of twenty four I have been successfully helping the public for five years. It has been a long journey and I am still learning I will always respect my elders. -6/18/2019

I am now initiated into la regla de Ocha. I am crowned Obatala & my mother in santo is Ochun. I will spend a whole year as an iyawoo. Due to my ITA after my first three months of Iyawoo I will be allowed to work the religion as far as Palo goes.


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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