25games is creating Kordex, a 3D action adventure inspired by Zelda: Wind Waker

Game Credits

$1 /mo
  • Immortalize yourself in the credits of Kordex

  • Access a Patron-only Discord channel

Junior Designer

$3 /mo
  • Make small design decisions on Kordex (e.g. very small balancing changes, little graphics requests, ...)

  • Early access to test scenes


Game Designer

$10 /mo
  • Make major design decisions (e.g. change feeling of controls, suggest ideas for other animations, ...)

  • WIP access to test scenes (see the new feature in a v...

Senior Designer

$25 /mo
  • Congratulations! Now you're able to design features from scratch together with us (e.g. fight system, crystal behavior, ...)

  • You're signed in to the Persona...