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You get:  

  • Access to Patron-only posts and content
  • Voting on what kind of new content we add to our monthly release schedule
  • Access to the Developer's Club for playtesting content in games run by the 2CGaming team and the very first drafts of upcoming content
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What Are Advanced Tools For 5th Edition?

Welcome! If you are a fan of 5th Edition and are looking to get more out of your game, then you've come to the right place. We here at 2CGaming love 5E, and have made a name for ourselves producing high quality 5E supplements that have been enhancing and improving games on both Player and DM sides for years. We believe that while 5E is great, there are many areas of the game that are undeserved or even non existent in the official rules. We have been have been filling those gaps by applying all the creativity and design expertise we can muster. Join us in helping take 5th Edition to the next level, sharing in our experience and applying our designs to enhance your game. 

What Do I Get?

We are producing two pieces of content per month; the Monthly TPK Monster and an Advanced 5th Edition Resource. The monthly monster is free to everyone, while the advanced 5th Edition resource will be exclusive to patrons. The details of each of those items can be found below. Additionally, those that support as at the Dev Club level gain special access to our Developers Club that we run through our Discord Server. The details of the Dev Club are discussed below!

The 2CGaming Library. This Patreon has been around for a while, with lots of content posts available for you to explore. By becoming even a $1 patron you gain access to all of this material instantly!

Monthly Monster: Whether you are a fan of 2CGaming or a patron, you all have equal access to a single release 

Monthly Release Schedule:
  • The 1st - Advanced 5th Edition Resource: Exclusive to 2CGaming Patrons only, this item will be a substantial formatted document detailing a system or design 2CGaming has in the works. Whether its a new Epic Prestige Class for our Epic Legacy System, elegant rules for a Mass Combat System, or a tool for creating and designing your own spells, you will get a high quality piece of design 2CGaming is proud to publish (plus a special preview as to what we have coming next). 
  • The 15th - Monthly TPK Monster: Whether you are a fan of 2CGaming or a patron, you all have equal access to a powerful monster of 2CGaming's design. These monsters are special, including not just stats, but ecology, lore, and battle tactics. Each is deviously designed using our process for developing deadly high level monsters for our book: The Total Party Kill Bestiary. Creatures the likes of which you have never seen will be at your disposal, ready to throw down with the most experienced of parties. For an example of these creatures, check out the promo we used for the Total Party Kill Bestiary by clicking the image below. 
As we hit new milestones in total funding per month, we will continue to grow and expand the Patreon. If we reach a goal of $450 a month, the Patreon will be self sustaining, allowing us to put more money toward its development. All the additional content we unlock through additional funding will be Patron-only, but if you pledge even $1 per month, you'll get access to everything we release. Below you'll find our monthly release schedule, which we'll update as we hit our goals!

Who Is 2CGaming?

If you don't already know us, 2CGaming is a small start up focused on creating content for the 5th Edition of the world's favorite roleplaying game, as well as developing our own systems. You can find out more about us on our website: www.2cgaming.com

Why Patreon?

We want to meet the needs of the community. As we get more support, we'll start adding additional content, and we'll be turning to you, our patrons, to decide what that content is! If you want more monsters, we'll release a packet of monsters every month. If you feel like the magic items in the Dungeon Master's Guide aren't up to snuff, we'll give you a set of new magical items! We'll release a poll each time we hit a new milestone to determine what we'll be adding to our monthly release schedule. We'll also release polls asking our Patrons what level range of content you are most interested in seeing, whether it's the scrappy low levels from 1 to 4, or if you need something to challenge the towering heroes of 17th level and above!

When Do I Get It?

All free content is available for download them right now! Check the Posts tab at the top of the page for an archive of all released content. For our Patron-only content, you'll get access as soon as your pledge is processed, which happens on the 1st day of each month. If you pledge at a reward level that includes extra stuff, like the behind the scenes audio recordings, or one on one meetings with the 2CGaming Team, you'll get access to those when your pledge is processed as well.

Why Advanced 5th Edition Content?

5th Edition has been around for a while, and while its publishers have produced many great books, there is a significant lack of content source books in the game. We specifically target areas of the game that need the most help and expand upon the community's mastery of the system. We feel this is important not only for individuals games, but for the health of the hobby as a whole. Our content isn't "advanced" in necessarily a complex sense, but rather in a way of adapting your system into a 5.5 Edition that improves upon the existing model.

What Else Does 2CGaming Make?

Lots of stuff! We have published many books throughout our few short years of operation, with many more on the way. We typically use Kickstarter to fund our projects, which are always designed to take 5th Edition games to the next level. You can find our current library of books at our website, which includes the following:

Fate of the Forebears Adventure Path Series: Domes of Ishaq-Zahur, City of Sands, and Lion's Vault. 
The Epic Legacy Core Rulebook: an Epic Level Expansion to 5th Edition
Tyrants and Hellions: A book of villains, schemes, and minions for the ultimate 5E villains
The Total Party Kill Handbook Vol 1 & 2: Selections of deadly encounters designed to test (and kill) experienced parties. 
The Total Party Kill Bestiary: A book of exclusively CR 10+ monsters organized into groups sharing a theme, including tactics, lore, treasure, and other resources to bring brutal foes to your table. 

For all other news and products, check our website:  www.2cgaming.com

You can find 2CGaming on twitter: @2CGaming
$283 of $300 per month
When we reach this goal we'll add another piece of new content every month, bringing our total to 3 items every month!
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