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Bill and TDOG have begun preparations to include a Monthly Special Episode to our Podcast Schedule. This special, tentatively titled the Marvel Cinematic Universe Special (or "em cuss" for short) will be Bill and TDOG talking about each MCU movie, one a month, until we've gone through 'em all.

You, our generous Co-Tagonist, have funded the MCU Special in its entirety and as such will be the listed sponsor of each episode. "The MCUS is funded my a generous grant from the 'so-and-so' foundation" or some such...(also, obviously, we will consider strongly your food and drink recommendations, as you're the person paying for them)

Anyways, Thanks for doing it and we love you <3 




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About 2Films 2Curious


We are Bill and TDOG and we like movies. Basically all of them. We aren't here to tell you what's good and what's not; that's for every person to decide for themselves. Rather, we're here to talk about two movies that share an interesting or unique connection that we found compelling. Ultimately, it's an excuse to talk about movies we love, with people we love, without having to teach a class...

We pride ourselves on the...grassroots, mavericky, family-owned-and-operatedy nature of this operation. As such, we've got no ads and will probably keep it that way as much as possible (barring a Hamburger Helper sponsorship...or Andre champagne).


But, if you'd like to be a part of this whole piece, you can do that in a financial fashion right here!
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You've paid for the food and beverage! Your generosity means we don't gotta buy boxes of Hamburger Helper and bottles of Andre Blush all on our own now! As a thanks for getting us to this asspicious milestone, we will release the SECRET EPISODE! (Disclaimer - the SECRET EPISODE is Bill and TDOG just BSing about movies with no real theme, as opposed to a regular episode where Bill and TDOG BS about movies with a vague, thin theme)
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