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About 2 Girls 1 Podcast...

Update: We're quarantined! Artists are losing gigs left and right! If you've been enjoying this podcast for any amount of time, please consider making a donation.

Alli & Jen here! If you're reading this, you already know that we have a podcast where, every week, we find something wild on the internet, contact the writer, and then interview that human. It's very fun, very weird, and very NSFW!

Creating a podcast takes a lot of time: Finding bizarre and/or fascinating internet things, booking guests, conducting interviews, editing our obnoxious rambling, etc. And we don't wanna be broke-ass artists. We wanna be artists who can shop every week at Trader Joe's because-- wait why hasn't Joe endorsed us yet-- oh right ok that's why we're on Patreon. Maybe one day our podcast will be brought to you by TJ's, but until then, WE'D LOVE YOUR HELP!

The wonderful thing about Patreon is that you could pledge as little as one dollar. But if a bunch of you pledge a dollar, that could be a lot of dollars, because #math!

We're thrilled to be creating this podcast every week. If you love #2G1P like we do, please consider making a small (or large?!) contribution. In return, we might just defrost you a WHOLE PACKAGE of Trader Joe's Aloo Chaat Kati Pouches (which is not a euphemism for Alli and Jen's hoo-has OR IS IT). Or we'll just keep making a better podcast. Thank you so much for tuning into our strange show!

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