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You will enjoy our weekly podcasts, which we share based on our decades of working with the restaurateur, the crew, the entrepreneur and the practitioner.  Likely content would be gleaned from our observations about what worked, what will work again, what will not work, and what can work, possibly in these forms:




cultural preferences

dietary bias

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Beyond the content listed in the Raccoon tier, we will do seasonal special podcast releases--Lunar New Year, Christmas, wedding, child birth, etc. 

Beavers get these seasonal podcasts too. 

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You likely wanted broad level advise, that is beyond the span of an initial first look, and coffee. 

Here is where we start on an initial broad level look. Likely 3 months, exploratory. 



About 2Journeymen

2 F&B practitioners share the wealth of their working experience via podcasts. The content will be useful, even determining, for those already in the F&B industry, or those considering an entry. 
Steve G . dining ambience designer . business owner
Wu Shào Fēng . cuisine experience designer . chef

2 journeys . 10 countries . 50 cuisines . 20 cities . 300,000 km travel . 80 years . 25 restaurants . 1000 recipes
broadly global . decidedly ASEAN
ambience & experience designers

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A consulting business that milks upon decades of F&B experience and skills, and especially in China. 
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