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About 2ZeroSound

Hi! My name is Oleg, although most of you know me as 2ZeroSound. Music has been an amazing journey for me so far, and the support I get from every listener is so greatly appreciated. My motivation comes from every comment, every favorite, and every play, so thank you guys. You quite literally change me for the better.

Music is my emotion outlet I suppose, and I can't stay away from it. I pour my heart and time into my creations, and simply seeing the reaction from you guys is one of the best inspiration.
Your support through Patreon gives way to my musical future! New equipment, new sound, new discoveries, new knowledge, new software, improved features, the desire to create more.
All this is possible because of you guys.

So thank you!

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Apart from the great motivational boost, this will provide me with some means of better equipping myself for future releases!
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