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We're just two gargoyles making minis. Our backgrounds are in game art and history. Our minis are intended for 28/32mm tabletop wargaming and are mostly inspired by military sci-fi and historical themes. Occasionally we’ll do some fantasy stuff too when the mood strikes us.

What do you make?

We make armies! Tons of makers offer a few figures to represent a unit, but we hate seeing cloned models! Our releases are designed to be as modular as possible – typically for a human figure we’ll make separate heads, torsos, arms and legs, allowing you to assemble hundreds of poses. We try to offer a diverse range of minis, with the option to assemble minis with a variety of facial features and genders.

At the moment our main theme is the Soldiers of Vyriya – a dieselpunk sci-fi army inspired by the Red Army during WWII. We will do at least one release to support this theme every month. When we’re done with this theme we’ll move on to another army! We also really love cavalry – we will do another mounted unit every other month. From time to time we’ll sneak in some fantasy minis too.

Oh yeah? Well what’s in it for me?

By subscribing to our Patreon, you get access to tons and tons of minis! We haven’t started taking down our previous releases yet, so you get access to a frankly unreasonable amount of stuff. This is available in two tiers, Imps and Gargoyles. Subscribing to our Imp tier grants you access to a library of kitbashable parts and odds and ends – we’re fueled largely by whimsy and passing crazes, so you’re liable to find all manner of fun stuff, from vehicle bits to mounts to bases. Subscribing to our Gargoyle tier grants you access to our full library, with all our releases. We also offer a Gorgon tier for anyone who would like to sell printed copies of our minis – if you’re interested please shoot us a message to discuss things further.

What’s coming up next?

Eventually we will begin removing our old releases and putting them up for sale on our Cults and MyMiniFactory pages – we’re not that far along yet, though, so get while the gettin’s good! For the time being none of our minis are available pre-supported.

Both of us are currently working jobs in other fields. If we manage to hit 500 Patrons, we will be able to make this our full-time job! At that point you can expect much quicker releases and we can begin to offer pre-supported minis.


You can find us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. If you’ve printed or painted any of our work we’d love to see it and reshare it if you’re looking for a broader audience!

If you’re looking to buy individual models of ours you can check out our storefronts on Cults and MyMiniFactory.
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Another pack of Dinosaurs. We'll release some more dinosaur models when we reach 100 Patrons.
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