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The Goal

When we began the 2Kevins with Grace & Steel podcast (links at in August 2015, our only goal was to produce interesting audio based on the news of the day, guided by our extensive experience as reporters, editors and critics.

Like most everyone, we got caught up in the excitement of Donald Trump’s triumph and the rise of the Alt-Right. We’ve greatly enjoyed doing what we’ve done. Now, we’d like to expand our efforts, but we will need sustaining financial support to do so.

We both once made our living as writers. We intend to do that again. Therefore, our new goal is to write once more in long-form and make a modest living thereby, to produce work in conjunction with the podcast, taking advantage of the liberating opportunities now available via self-publishing.

People on the Right love to complain that the Mainstream Media will not publish People Like Us. Well, we’ve decided to do something about that, in deeds and not just words. So, beginning June 1, we will create our own platform. And with self-publishing, the patron’s dollars go much further because the creators (that is to say “Us”) don’t have to share them with agents and publishing houses.

The Plan

To enable this, we’ve developed a detailed plan and sketched out four projects for Grace & Steel. Work has begun on all four, but we will need your ongoing support to help us bring those plans to fruition.

The first project is the ebook publication of an existing work. Kevin Steel has already prepared a digital version of it. It will be annotated by Kevin Michael Grace, who will also contribute a new introduction. Steel will proofread and edit it. We estimate the time to complete Project #1 at two months.

The second project is a novel by Kevin Steel. The outline for this book is complete. Without giving too much away, it is in the thriller/mystery/detective genre and is inspired by recent, exciting political and economic events. Torn from today’s headlines, one might say. The main protagonist is a vain and foolish journalist. As Grace annotates Project #1, Steel will begin writing Project #2; and once Grace has completed his annotation, he will begin editing the novel. We estimate that Project #2 will be wrapped up two months after the completion of Project #1.

The third project is another ebook publication of an existing work. We’re committed to bring underappreciated works of the past to a wider audience. Kevin Steel is halfway through preparing a digital version of this text. Again, it will be annotated by Kevin Michael Grace, and he will write a new introduction. Steel will proofread and edit. Project #3 is a longer book than Project #1, so completion will likely take three to four months. Projects #1 to #3 will require seven to eight months’ work in total, although this will likely change somewhat based on what we learn as we move forward.

The fourth project is a non-fiction book by Kevin Michael Grace with the working title “Why the Music Died.” An extensive 18-chapter outline for this has already been prepared by Kevin Steel after many conservations with Grace. If all goes well with Projects #1 to #3, and we’ve established a stable revenue stream, it’s conceivable Project #4 could be completed by June 1, 2018.

As a bonus to those who contribute to this Patreon, Kevin Michael Grace will recommence his website, The Ambler, and contribute several essays each week. You’ve seen the work he’s put in on his Twitter account, @KMGVictoria, and he’ll now expand on that, in longer form, in the blog world. Should we find the support we seek, other publishing projects will follow, possibly including a book-length version of Grace’s My 52 Favourite Films.

Each work that we produce will include a limited print run for promotional purposes. Those who contribute $100 or more to this Patreon will receive signed copies of Projects #1 & #2. And other promotional items could follow. Like mugs. People love branded coffee mugs. Wouldn’t you like to drink your beverages from a handsome container with our “Two hands rising above the rubble” logo and the Hunter S. Thompson quote “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” on it?

The “too long, didn’t read” version of the above is that 2Kevins with Grace & Steel want to continue podcasting while creating substantially greater intellectual work in addition. And we very much want to maintain home & hearths while we do so. We need your help. Thank you, and God bless.

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