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About The Two Thousand Feet podcast

The Two Thousand Feet Aviation Podcast is a bi-weekly show about light aviation and private flying. My name is Artyom Liss. I'm a journalist and a pilot, and in the podcast I share flying-related tips, news and reviews; and I also introduce listeners to fascinating people you meet around airfields.
Over the last few months, the show has really grown. We now have hundreds of listeners in our community; we're in the top 25 in our sector on iTunes; and in the top five on Player.FM.
But this podcast can be even better. There are so many other fascinating people to whom I could introduce you, - in the UK, in continental Europe, in America.
Please support this podcast - all your money will go towards making more aviation-related content. 
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I will report from one of the major American airshows. Depending on when we reach this goal, it could be Oshkosh, or Sun and Fun, or even the Reno Air Race.
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