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RPG Maps & Assets for D&D and similar TTRPGs

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per hand-drawn map

For each map (4 per month):

  • The base map PLUS its night-time map variant
    (for 2 total maps, printable PDFs and digital files)
  • Access to our active Discord community
  • A coupon code once per month, valid for one free $1 map, as a small extra! 
Includes Discord benefits
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per hand-drawn map

For each map (4 per month):

  • All of the previous tier rewards
  • An asset pack built from each base map I create
  • Your name in the credits of my blog posts and videos
Includes Discord benefits


per hand-drawn map

For each map (4 per month):

  • All of the previous tier rewards 
  • Three map variants PLUS night-time versions for each base map I release
  • (for 8 total maps per release)
  • Access to the source PSD file for the base maps you pledge towards. They're easy to edit in Photoshop, or you can use Gimp for free. These will be delivered to your Patreon inbox when the base map is published.
Includes Discord benefits



About 2-Minute Tabletop

Hello there!

I'm Ross, an aspiring artist who specializes in hand-drawing maps and assets for tabletop role-playing games. I've been told that my stuff has a vibrant, readable, "cartoony" style that resembles the artwork of Zelda or Pokemon.

I play D&D almost every week and am constantly creating new artistic content. After sharing this content online and getting enthusiastic feedback I began this Patreon, and now I draw everything from trains to deserts, low fantasy and high! It's a dream come true, and it's all thanks to generous people like you.

What do we create?

Every month I release four paid content packs: three map/asset packs and one token pack.

Three map/asset packs per month such as ...

  • A ready-to-play battle map, in digitable and printable formats
  • A regional world/town/city map, in digital and printable formats
  • An asset pack, for decorating or creating your own maps on a virtual tabletop or image editor

A token pack at the end of the month (optional) ...

You may only be here for maps, or perhaps you have no use for digital tokens right now. That's fine! I have committed release #4 (the last paid content post of each month) to the tokens so that you can easily opt-out if you wish.

All you need to do is follow this guide to setting a "monthly maximum" to set or change your monthly limit for 2-Minute Tabletop to "3 times per month." This way you will only be charged for release #1-3 containing the maps and map assets you're used to, and you will not be charged for release #4 containing the tokens.

If you would like to see more of what we create please enjoy a scroll through  my Patreon posts, where you will find pages and pages of free content!

What do Patrons get?

Though I release my base maps and assets for free, I create additional content for Patrons as thanks for making the free stuff possible in the first place.

In addition to supporting my creative effort you will gain access to certain other rewards depending on your pledge level. You can read the details of each one in the column to the left. Every Patron will gain access to our active Discord community plus exclusive night-time map variants, and higher tiers will gain access to bonus map assets, PSD files, and even more exciting map variants.

Please note: These rewards are for the three map/asset packs per month, but there are no exclusive rewards for the optional token packs as we want to release the entirety of them on the Token Editor and not hold any back as exclusives. Please consider your monthly pledge #4 as a simple, optional pledge toward the Token Editor Team.

You will only be charged when I publish new content (outlined above) and can cancel at any time. You may also set a  monthly maximum, which is exactly like it sounds.

. Thanks to Sean @CaelReader for this photo .

Thank you!

Should you choose to join us, please accept my heart-felt thanks! I hope you are excited as I am to be a part of this community-driven map-making campaign.

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100% complete
I have learnt a lot since my last batch of tutorials, but have had difficulty making time to make more. At this pledge level I will commit to it, in addition to the maps and at no extra charge!
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